Best SEO Tools for 2018

Search engines constantly evolve and so does Search Engine Optimization. This list is about tools which SEO specialists can use to make their job easier and more efficient in 2018.

The Top Ten Best SEO Tools for 2018

1 Netpeak Spider

An all-purpose deep crawler with lots of uses, starting from running a website audit which identifies more than 60 types of errors to using custom search and extraction features to analyze any content on competitors' websites, such as prices, reviews, feedback, site structure and more.
On top of these features, Netpeak Spider calculates internal Page Rank to help you with site structure.
Netpeak Spider also has an unlimited 14-days free trial which is a great advantage over its main competitors. - skeye

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2 Notepad ++

There are tasks that every SEO expert must perform occasionally, and using Notepad ++ can make those tasks a lot easier. Whether you need to generate a URLs for analysis, create all possible keyword combinations from the list of words or use regular expressions to alter texts, Notepad ++ is there to help. And it's free! - skeye

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3 Ahrefs

The best backlinks analysis tool. Ahrefs is the ultimate SEO tool and it always grows in terms of data and new tools evolving from backlink analysis tool into a multi-purpose solution. - skeye

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4 Content King

Tracking changes on your website is an essential part of SEO analysis. Content King is an app which is focused on tracking changes in content on your website and telling you whether these changes are positive or negative, it doesn't have any competitors in this field and it does the job perfectly. - skeye


One of the most popular SEO tools, and rightfully so. Moz provides a lot of useful metrics and insights, and constantly adds new tools and features, such as Keyword Explorer and precise search volumes based on clickstream data. - skeye

6 Serpstat

Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO platform which does everything: backlinks, keywords, competitor analysis, rank tracking, site audit. It's a good alternative to all of the better-known tools listed here. - skeye

7 SEMrush

With SEMrush you can get comprehensive data about keywords, competitors, and rankings. Numerous tools open a lot of opportunities for SEO experts to improve websites. - skeye

8 Keylogs io

It's an alternative to Google's Search Console. And it's a lot better. It feeds data in a format that actually provides valuable insights rather than just throwing raw numbers at you. I've stopped using CS after discovering Keylogs. Check it out while it's still free. - skeye

9 Linkody

Linkody offers the easiest way to track your link building campaigns. Even though the landscape of SEO is ever evolving, getting and keeping valuable backlinks remains important. Linkody helps to track all your and your clients' backlinks as well as monitor all your competitors' links.

10 Answerthepublic

Great tool for finding keyword ideas. It's free to use and it's great for coming up with ideas for your content. - skeye

The Contenders

11 Netpeak Checker

Another tool for SEOs by Netpeaksoftware. It lets you check URL parameters in bulk and it works with hundreds of parameters and import data from all of the top tools, such as Ahrefs, Moz, SEMrush and etc. So if you want to see how Ahrefs' DR changed for your websites, you know what tools to use. - skeye

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