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1 Luhan and Seohyun

I think their is real because their moment tell everything. Beside I do not like chohan couple because chorong is not quiet and gentle. In addition, I see apink did not respect our snsd and this is seen in sbs gayo daejun when heechul oppa was asking our snsd. Also in wgm taeun there was no moment of chohan because luhan does not even look at her. Sorry if I offend apink fan and my bad English.

They're the best couple I've ever seen

Believe in Ace Baby!

SeoHan in your area ~ SeoHan in your area ~ haha

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2 Yonghwa and Seohyun

They cute, adorable and meant for each other. they fit together like a padlock and a key. Seohyun is the lock while Yong Hwa is the key to unlock the best in her

Best physical chemistry & compatibility in characteristics and musicality.

The best couple forever!

Love you both always...

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3 Kyuhyun and Seohyun

Although seo seems like she doesn't like kyu, I wanna say that they have many similarities. they're maknaes, 1 of main vocals, barely show skin, tall, interested in musicals, shy, sometimes have mature thinking. to be honest I feel that seo is more mature than kyu, I'm afraid she can't stand an acting cute kyu. I love this couple in 2010 & 2011.

They are getting closer slowly but surely. I can't stop screaming when they were hand in hand. They just look so cute together. Love them very much

They complete each other characters well

Notion smart couple KYUSEO. Fighting! Whenever you see this two love birds looking at each that moment will kill you.(best romantic moment). They did skinship infront of everybody they even kiss. LOVE KYUSEO.

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4 Kris and Seohyun
5 Min Seo and Seohyun

Just felt their relationshio

6 Jinwoon and Seohyun
7 Sehun and Seohyun

I just love them, they are my bias!

8 Leeteuk and Seohyun
9 Kai and Seohyun
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