Best Sephora Collection Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner Colors

Hot colors, smooth finish, it's own sharpener, and a smudger... What's not to love?

The Top Ten

1 Classic Black

As it says, it's classic.. a must-have in your make-up bag. - SephoraLover

2 Glitter Green

A gorgeous green that is another must-have in my opinion. - SephoraLover

3 Purple

Though "Purple" doesn't describe it very well. It's more a... plummy lavender. - SephoraLover

4 Green

Light, and glittery, and super fun. Great standalone, or complementing a minty green, or other shade. - SephoraLover

5 Shimmer Navy

This rich color will give your eyes a smoky look when smudged. - SephoraLover

6 Shimmer Bronze

Fantastic eyeliner to have with a bronze palette, or great to brighten up a neutral eye shadow. - SephoraLover

7 Shimmer Electric Purple

This is just... FUN. Would look great paired with silver and teal eyeshadow. - SephoraLover

8 Teal

If you want to create a peacock color-scheme, this would be a great eyeliner to use. Would also be fantastic standalone, or to brighten up something more relaxed. - SephoraLover

9 Slate

Mellow, but still nice if you're craving a touch of color. - SephoraLover

10 Glitter Copper

Nice, warm color that will brighten up your eyes. Would be great with a teal eyeshadow. - SephoraLover

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