Game Sequels Gamers Would Love

The Top Ten Game Sequels Gamers Would Love

1 Call of Duty: Future Warfare

Mega-awesomeness!, fighting threw destroyed remains of somewhere like new york and killing everything. Abit like gears of war
except first person shooter, of course. - AmINumberOneYet

2 Halo 4

Playing as master chief's brother or something lol. - AmINumberOneYet

Jokes on Call of Duty fans its already coming out

Master Chief comes back 100 years later - usmc650736

3 Grand Theft Auto 5: Britain

Does it swear
Oh yeah it does

Would be brilliant but nobody wants timesplitters 4!

Actually mate lot's of people want a Timesplitters 4.

4 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Who does not want a third modern warfare, the first two are the two best videogames of all time

5 Rock Band Dragonforce

People would probably only like the game due to 'threw the fire and flames', but maybe it would be fun. Except for the low amount of songs though, LOL. - AmINumberOneYet

Ha ha! It would be THE MOST impossible video game of all time! Call of Duty: Future Warfare would also be fun. - moose4life19

6 Fallout 4
7 Pokemon Snap 2
8 Guitar Hero 7
9 Call of Duty 7 Vietnam

Awesome. Not ww2 or modern warfare but a really underused war, vietnam. Would be brilliant - AmINumberOneYet

10 Metal Gear Solid 5

The Contenders

11 Mario Party 9
12 Super Smash Bros. 4
13 Minecraft 2: Return of the EnderDragon

Imagine It better graphics more mobs more tools and items new blocks and Better animation. That would take Minecraft to the next level!

14 Gears of War 3
15 Guitar Hero Iron Maiden
16 Grand Theft Auto: Australia

C'mon. Its in Australia. How awesome would it be to snipe someoone from he MCG

17 Half Life 3

We've waited up to 8 years (Today's 2013), and those stupid sequels on the top? People have forgotten how legendary and powerful Half-life is. Call of Duty is so overrated, could you Call of Duty fans just shut up, and play other games?
Have you people had enough of playing a game which is the same all over again? Then stop playing Call of Duty, and start realizing that Half-Life is the game that people should play! Case closed...

I play this game 1 or 2 a week for a 30 minutes for 2 years and the graphics feel brand new respect for half-life series CS series Call of Duty can't comper to the power of CS and Half-life

No just no!
1Call of Duty Mario Grand Theft Auto in other nations are the same!

18 Prototype 3
19 Rock Band 3

This one is coming out in December!

20 Mortal Kombat 10
21 Conker's Bad Fur Day 2
22 Borderlands 3
23 Far Cry 4
24 LittleBigPlanet 3
25 Chrono Trigger 2
26 Cave Story 2
27 Uncharted 3

Oh Yearrrr! After brilliant Uncharted 2 I wanna play the next one - Alexandr

28 The Elder Scrolls V
29 Guitar Hero Judas Priest

sick drums, insane solos, whats more to love? -

30 Grand Theft Auto: Coruscant
31 Republic Commando 2

This would be AWESOME! Go figure that the ONLY GOOD Star Wars game doesn't get a sequel. CoD: FW would be cool too. - fireinside96

32 Super Mario Galaxy 3

This game looked awesome on the WII. imagine how good it would be on the Wii U

33 The Simpsons Game 2
34 Batman Arkham City 2: Joker's Son
35 BioShock 4
36 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4
37 Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
38 Batman: Arkham Awakening
39 Dead Space 4
40 Uncharted 4
41 Mega Man 2 2

What!, final fantasy did it.

42 Splatterhouse 2 (remake)

I would love to see better combos, better enemies, more characters, better graphics, and no nude photos of Jennifer

43 Splatterhouse 4
44 Indie Game Battle
45 Undertale 2
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