Things I Hate About The Seraph Of The End Fanbase

Hello users, visitors and VFLs.

Here’s another Seraph of the end post.


Okay, most of the posts I’ve made about Seraph of the end are positive. I made one comparing it to other shows, another mini review and I frequently talk to users about it.

But I really feel like I have to make this post now.

Look, overall, I’d say the Seraphans are a decent fanbase. They can respect opinions, respect fanart (unlike some other ones *cough* Steven Universe *cough*) and are just jolly ol’ chaps to have a discussion with.

Yeah, like every fanbase, they’re not perfect. There are no such things as a perfect fanbase (except mine). They do many things which no fanbase should ever do. So I’m making a list of things I dislike about the fanbase.

To all my fellow Seraphans, don’t take this personally. Bear in mind that I have nothing against you, and I just want to express my opinion. I hope you guys can respect my opinions. Thank you :).
So, let’s begin.

#1: Calling MikaYuu haters ‘homophobes’.

THIS. This is what I hate the most about the fanbase.

You see, in any cartoon/anime, whenever someone supports a gay ship and someone else hates it, they’re branded a ‘homophobe’ or ‘an enemy of the LGBTQIA+ community’. That is the STUPIDEST thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Just because someone doesn’t like a ship you like, it doesn’t mean they’re a homophobe. Maybe there’s another reason behind it. Stereotyping someone based on a little piece of info just shows how narrowminded you are. They accuse you of being something based on one line, without looking for an explanation.

Recently, a MikaYuu fan said to me that the only reason I could hate MikaYuu is because it was between two boys. Again, WTF? Not all MikaYuu haters are homophobes. Ironically, some of the MikaYuu haters I know are actually gay people. Jokes on you. I myself am a strong supporter of LGBTQIA+ rights and I support a lot of gay ships in animation like Korrasami (Korra x Asami Sato), Ravenfire (Raven x Starfire), Twilight Shimmer, (Twilight Sparkle x Sunset Shimmer), Rarijack (Rarity x Applejack), Renacus (Lacus Welt x Rene Simm) and a loooot more, but I’m not going to accuse anyone of homophobia if they hate those ships, there’s most likely another reason.

I feel like the ‘you’re just a homophobe’ card is used as a defense because MikaYuu fans can easily play the victim card and make any hater look bad, even if the hater has a legitimate reason. I mean, they don’t want to explain why it couldn’t work or when someone else says they ship Yuunoa/Mikrul they pull that card out. I’m not saying they’re ALL like that but most of the ones I’ve met act like that. Can you imagine someone who supports a straight ship calling a hater of that straight ship a ‘heterophobe’? No.

Oh…and another thing I want to say.

When MikaYuu fans flame a hater, they say they are ‘defenders of the LGBTQIA+ community’.

I am part of the LGBTQIA+ community. I came out as demisexual recently. And let me tell you, they AREN’T DOING JACKS***.
Look, if you really want to be a defender of the community, DO SOMETHING IN REAL LIFE. Start campaigns against homophobia in countries that frown on gay relations. Start counselling in schools to children who are afraid of coming out of the closet. Start teaching kids about different types of sexualities and let them know it’s okay to be different. Donate money to kids who have been disowned by their parents for being gay. There’s even a suicide helpline for people who feel like they won’t be accepted in society due to their sexuality. Donate to that as well. If you’re in the closet and scared of coming out, tell a friend or a loved one. Hell, you can even tell me or MLPFan, because we’ll both have your backs.

See? THIS is how you defend the LGBTQIA+ community. Instead of accusing that Yuunoa fan on MyAnimeList for being anti-gay just because they said they don’t like MikaYuu, there are several other things you can do instead. Even letting someone know that you’ll be there for them can save their lives.

Calling people homophobes over fictional ships is bad in another way because while doing so, you’re averting attention away from the ACTUAL homophobes. By gaslighting innocent people, you’re letting the real criminals get away.

I don’t mean to attack anyone or anything by stating this. I’m not saying ALL MikaYuu fans are like that (I’ve actually met some nice ones!). I just needed to get this off my chest.

#2: Dumb Shinoa Hate

You knew this was coming.

In case you haven’t watched the anime, Shinoa Hiragi is the female lead of the anime. She gets a LOT of ship tease with Yuichiro Hyakuya, and some view their relationship as a second coming of Guren’s and Mahiru’s.

Personally, Shinoa is one of my favorite leads in any anime ever. I love how she’s cheerful and happy despite the crapsack world she lives in, and she’s hilarious.

(The first time I met Shinoa)

Shinoa (to Yuu): My name is Shinoa Hiragi. You have to co-operate or you’ll get extra suspension time.
Me: Ugh, she’s probably gonna be one of those flat as cardboard shallow female anime leads
Shinoa: Breed! Make love! Yay for illicit sexual relations!
Me: best anime character ever

I’m not the only one. Even on MyAnimeList, people who hated this anime and left negative reviews said that they liked Shinoa and she was the one character they could never hate. One even said she was the only reason they watched this anime at all!
So obviously, Shinoa is best girl (move over, Rem).

Yeah, not for the MikaYuu fans.

In almost every fanfiction, Shinoa is a ‘bitch’, a ‘hoe’, or a ‘slutty man stealer’ etc if she’s not paired up with Mitsuba or anyone else.

Shinoa’s only ‘crime’, really, is having a crush on Yuu. The MikaYuu fans go berserk if anyone mentions Yuunoa. But, seriously, hating a character because of shipping is pathetic, and something only manchildren do. I’m going to provide some real life experience here, I support Ravenfire (see above) but I don’t flame Robin or Beast Boy. I don’t do that to Katara either in favour of Zukang, Chloe/Lila/Kagami for Adrinette or Spike because I like Rarijack. I mean come on. We’re not three year olds, and we should be mature enough to not go full-on Die For Our Ship.

This doesn’t apply to cartoon characters. This applies to real life celebrities as well. I’ve heard of celebrities going through protests, cyberbullying and even attempted murder because they chose to be with someone they love. Celebrities are human beings like us, and they deserve privacy and respect. You can’t force them to be with someone they hate for your own personal satisfaction, but you can choose who YOU can be for your own personal satisfaction. So instead of crying WAAAH HARRY STYLES BROKE UP WITH TAYLOR SWIFT or WAAAH JUSTIN AND SELENA GOT BACK TOGETHER find someone out there who’s going to make you happy, because you deserve to be happy :)

#3 – Mama Krul

Krul Tepes.

For some, she is pretty.

For some, she is beautiful.

For some, she is ABSOLUTE COMMUNIST PROPA- s***, wrong post.

Anyway. My point is, the fandom refers to Krul Tepes, the vampire who turned Mika into a vampire, as Mika’s mother.


Look guys, Krul is NOT Mika’s mother. She may have turned him into a vampire, but that does not make her his mother.

Krul is a 14 year old girl. I know that she’s been alive for well over 1200 years, but she is still a 14 year old, which makes her even younger than the 16 year old Mika.

I ask you, how can a 14 year old be the mother of a 16 year old?

By saying Krul is his mother, you are implying a 14 year old somehow got pregnant and her son is for some reason 2 years older than her.

Somebody pass the barf bucket, I think I’m going to ---- HULP!

Every time I see someone call her Mama Krul, I get disgusted. 14 year olds CANNOT be parents. They can’t even be ADOPTIVE parents. We don’t live in the stone age anymore where 14 was the ideal age for marriage. This whole ‘Mama Krul’ thing is sick and pedophilic, and ties in a whole lot of teenage pregnancy implications.

Of course, Krul is 1200 years older than Mika, but biologically, SHE IS STILL A CHILD. Her body has the functions of a child. Do you wanna know why 14 year old parents aren’t legal? Because pregnancies and parenting would probably KILL them. And every time I see someone romanticizing the idea, it makes me sick to the bone. Are you saying that girls at young ages should become mothers? That’s disgusting. What’s next, making pedophilia legal? What the fudge is wrong with you?

Okay, so, one of the reasons the fanbase pull out this excuse is that in one chapter, Krul refers to Mika as ‘my selfish son’.
Many jumped at this opportunity to justify Mama Krul and keep Krul away from interfering in MikaYuu.

However, that is not at all what Krul meant.

According to this article, in Japanese raws, vampires refer to the vampire they turned as ‘ko’ which translates as child. However, Krul called Mika her son ‘musuko’ which indicates her affection for him. Krul/Mika and Guren/Yuu’s relationship is also compared and contrasted. The same article argues Krul loves Mika.

And also, by referring to him as her son, she does not mean ‘son’ as in ‘boy I gave birth to’ but ‘son’ as in ‘boy I turned into one of my own’, as in Edward Cullen/Bella Swan’s or Issei Hyudou/Rias Gremory’s sort of relationship. How many books/movies/anime have we seen in which a vampire turns a human they love into a vampire so they can be with them forever? Seraph Of The End isn’t any different.

There’s a TV Tropes article related to that called ‘I Love You, Vampire Son’.

Another thing. When Krul turns Mika into a vampire, she kisses him on the lips. Can I ask you, what mom does that to her own son? Is that kind of behavior normal for a mom and her son? If yes, then you are screwed up in the head. Not only that, she’s extremely intimate with him, touches his face all the time and the way she acts around him…..I’ll leave you these screenshots to decide for yourself whether she’s his mom or a lover. Not to mention the lines ‘give your body what it wants’ and the way she says ‘my peeeet’.

Yes, I believe Mika and Krul love each other. I’ll link that doc again because it’s that good of a doc (god bless whoever wrote it). I also believe Mama Krul is used as an excuse to toss Mikrul out the window so MikaYuu is safe. It didn’t work, sorry.

#4 – Harassing Takaya Kagami

As we all know, Takaya Kagami is the man who created Seraph Of The End. But even he doesn’t get it easy.

I’ve seen people criticize the anime over the stupidest things such as ‘the vampires fly helicopters’ and ‘I don’t like *character’s* hairstyle’. Do you even know how manga artists have it? After a long, exhausting day of work, they come home to relax, only to get harassed by fans who can’t be pleased. Now, I’m not saying OMG FANS SHOULD EAT UP EVERYTHING TAKAYA THROWS AT THEM THE COMPLAINER IS ALWAYS WRONG HOW DARE THEY VOICE THEIR OPINIONS OMG!!!! If you think something in the anime could have been done better and voice your opinion, that’s good. But seriously, don’t write stuff like ‘Takaya Kagami doesn’t care about his fans’ or ‘Takaya Kagami sucks because he didn’t do this thing’ or ‘WHY CAN’T TAKAYA MAKE THIS SHIP CANON? OMG I HATE HIM DIE TAKAYA DIE!’ because that’s petty. I know he has his flaws and stuff but he’s trying his best for us. There are several cases of fans harassing show creators so much they quit, like

- Bryan Cogman of Game of Thrones fame leaving Twitter due to abusive tweets he received

- Josh McDermitt leaving the internet because people didn’t like what his character did in The Walking Dead (keep in mind he’s an actor, not a writer and therefore has no say in what the characters do)

- Lauren Zuke accused of ‘queerbaiting’ by Steven Universe fans because of the subtext of Lapis and Peridot’s relationship, ignoring the fact that she is bisexual herself

- Zutara fans harassing and even STALKING Team Bryke just because Zutara was shot down. What the hell? All because of this, they almost never show up at comic cons, sans the San Diego comic con due to its high security

- 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rebooter Ciro Nieli quitting due to rabid fans bullying him

- Takami Akai of Tengen Toppen Gurren Lagann forced to put up with abuse from fans due to the show’s animation.

All the above creators have suffered because of tiny things. And I don’t want Takaya to be like that to us. He still has faith in us, and let’s keep it like that.

My point is: keep your complaints in moderation. Don’t overhate.

Alright guys, that’s it. Those are all the things I dislike about the fanbase. Like I said, overall, they’re a great fanbase and it’s fun talking to them. Again, sorry if I offended anyone, as it was not my intent. Alright, see ya in the next post, byeee!



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