Top Ten Series of Games That Are Cashgrabs

You know what I mean. The ones that were good but now are there for the money.

The Top Ten

1 Call of Duty

Boy. I get a lot of people like it but really? - Juan-Luis

2 Pokémon

They were generally good, until Black and White. The anime was horrible after GameFreak thought, "Let's remove Brock and Misty! " The games were good but they added too many types... Especially Fairy. I mean, COME ON. Let's make 25 badass Pokémon +Fairy type!


No. - Juan-Luis

All they do with each game is increase the graphics and add 100 new Pokemon - Ziffe

3 Sonic

This isn't higher up on the list solely for the fact that it's the last thing SeGa has to cling on to. If they drop Sonic they lose 75% of their revenue.

Which is why these are horrible quality games today. - Juan-Luis

4 Mega Man

This game, obviously, was a rousing success. Many people liked it. But with a fan base comes filler games, which is how Mega Man ended up with a total of 13-15 different games. - Juan-Luis

5 Final Fantasy

This isn't bad, don't get me wrong. However, when you have over a dozen games and half of gamers have never heard of the series, you know you're stretching things far. - Juan-Luis

6 Grand Theft Auto

I'm silently clapping sarcastically of how good Vice City was versus Grand Theft Auto V. Take graphics out of it and you'll realize that Vice City and San Andreas are better. - Juan-Luis

7 Halo
8 Super Mario

They've been making Mario games since 1985. - Ziffe

9 Angry Birds
10 Guitar Hero

The Contenders

11 Animal Crossing
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1. Call of Duty
2. Grand Theft Auto
3. Sonic
1. Pokémon
2. Call of Duty
3. Mega Man



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