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1 Series 4

Every story in this series was great. this series and series 3 were when the show was at it's best after series 5 the show started to go down hill but the down hill part was not noticeable till series 8 when they moved to Scotland (when it got bad) - mneilan

2 Series 3
3 Series 5
4 Series 2
5 Series 1

The Izzie//Tom storyline will always be my fave!

6 Series 6
7 Series 7

The Last Good Series after they moved to Scotland the show went down hill. Some of the stories in this series were good and other were not that great. why did they need to move to Scotland when the show was doing so well in rochdale - mneilan

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8 Series 8
9 Series 9

This series was the average - mneilan

10 Series 10

The show during it's last series was ok. I did start to see/ feel that the show was starting to get back to it's best when it was at series 3 and 4 but the fact that there will be no series 11 means that we will never be able to see the show get back to it's best again. series 11 would have been the new series 3 but we will never know - mneilan

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