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21 The Crack Master
22 Julia

She Is My Inspiration I Have Autism As Well But My Is More Moderate And I Am 12

A new addition to Sesame Street and the first character with autism.
She's really cute, and her autistic traits are shown in a more positive light, being both sensitive and insightful towards the condition. - SuperSonic17

23 Herry Monster

Because he is not well known now-a-days, but he is still entertaining

Very fun to watch and is also funny

24 Rowlf
25 Elmo's Number Journey
26 Ollie

Ollie has been my favourite ever since I was 3

27 Murray

Because he post some short films to teach kids everything sesame street is the best because it teach kids everything so yay sesame street boo barney!

Actually, he is my favorite Muppet ever!

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28 Hoots the Owl

The best saxophone player Sesame Street had ever seen!

29 Bernice the Pigeon V 1 Comment
30 Sherlock Hemlock
31 Herbert Birdsfoot
32 Dr. Nobel Price
33 Chipowski
34 Figby
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