Top Ten Sesame Street Episodes That Should Be Created


The Top Ten

1 Jurassic Sesame Street
2 Deadpool Kills Every Muppet On The Show

That would sound AWESOME! - SkullKid101

3 Godzilla Attacks Sesame Street
4 Elmo Falls Off A Cliff And Dies

Why do you think this is funny it is NOT people dying is not funny it is SERIOUS

These made me laugh more than they should have. - SevenTreeTool

5 Big Bird Blows Up
6 The Animatronics From Five Nights At Freddy's Haunt The Sesame Street Gang
7 Elmo Goes On Fire
8 Cookie Monster Eats A Cookie Full Of Poison
9 Big Bird Becomes Thanksgiving
10 Naked in Sesame Street

I was talking about the reality show, Naked and Afraid

Naked and Afraid parody

Aren’t the muppets already naked? (Except for Bert and Ernie, of course)


The Contenders

11 The Hulk Attacks Sesame Street
12 50 Shades Of Elmo
13 Sesame Street Becomes Mature
14 Elmo Gets Attacked By A Bull

Because Elmo is red and red attracts the bulls!

15 Cookie Monster Gets Diabetes

That what he deserves for being obsessed with cookies all the time

16 Teen Titans Go Visits Sesame Street

Beast Boy would teach Elmo to go potty in the jar

It's about Dookie in a Jar song

17 When Pigeons Poops All Over Sesame Street
18 Sesame Street: Infinity War

(laughs manically)

19 Bernie is Bernie Sanders Confirmed
20 Big Bird Goes To Hell
21 Cookie Monster Drinks Acid
22 Big Bird Gets Eaten By A T-Rex
23 Count Von Count Gets Rabies
24 Elmo Goes To Jail
25 Gremlins attack Sesame Street and kill everyone
26 Sesame Street Gets Nuked
27 Telly Monster Dies From Water
28 CookieBusters
29 The Street Gets Burned
30 Oscar The Grouch Goes To Prison
31 Crash and Bernstein Visits Sesame Street
32 Sanjay and Craig Visits Sesame Street
33 Ash Catches Big Bird
34 The Mega Babies Visits Sesame Street
35 Elmo's Goldfish gets Mutated
36 Wonder Showzen Visits Sesame Street
37 Family Guy Visits Sesame Street
38 Bebe's Kids Visits Sesame Street
39 Drawn Together Visits Sesame Street
40 One Coarse Elmo
41 The Return Of The Wicked Witch Of The West
42 Rita Repulsa Takes Over Sesame Street
43 Avenue Q Visits Sesame Street
44 King Kong Attacks Sesame Street
45 Sesame Street Meets WWE
46 Elmo Goes To Court
47 Big Bird Becomes A Mutant
48 Sesame Street At War
49 Everyone Dies and the Show Ends
50 The Magic School Bus Meets Sesame Street
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