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21 Ancient History

I'm actually surprised this song isn't higher. It's such a catchy tune! - MarianasPilots

I strongly recomand this... You've got to hear it

It sucks

22 Swan Song

Literally my favorite song ever. I remember how I used to play this on repeat until I got sick of it :')

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23 Miss Mysterious V 1 Comment
24 Hypnotized

As soon as I listened to this I knew it was going to be one of my favorites. And it is

25 Bleak December

I listened to this song once and then had to go out on a walk to listen to it over and over just to appreciate it fully. Truly a remarkable song!

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26 Forever Stuck In Our Youth V 1 Comment
27 Uncontainable

I listen to this song at the start of every day because it's so motivating!

28 Missing You
29 This Christmas

Best song they made in my opinion.Don't care what you say.

30 Problem
31 I Think It's Arrogance

My favorite set it off song, I loved it from when I first herd it, and still do

32 Houston, We're Going Down

The title reminds me of Sugar, We're Going Down by Fall Out Boy.

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