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The Seven Deadly Sins is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki. It has been serialized in Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine
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1 Ban

Bann is the best boii!
He is hot, sexy, strong a.k.a immortal
I don't know I feel like he is not a pervert small like Meliodas he is just the best top strong character here!
He deserves to be on the top!

Yo ban has the most backstorys and most emotional moments obviously best character

He's a cool and badass character. Wish he was stronger tho..

Ban is definitely the best character!

2 Meliodas

I love Melissa! He is a perverted sexy badass. He is so cool! I love full counter. It’s awesome! Him and Elizabeth are really cute as well!

Probably the coolest character in Seven deadly sins. Especially in demon form, where he's nearly invincible.

meliodas is so out going and some of u only see him as a pervert which he is not its dumb ugly ass elizabeth that allows it he literally wont stop at nothing to keep her happy and all she does is bring pain to him he deserves so much better than that tomato breast good for nothing piece a crap all she does is let him suffer knowing shes isn't gonna stay for long but he stilld does everything for her and peaople call him selfish omfg id die to meet meliodas and he's hot too especially as demon and no shirt and the tattoo really hot #letelizabethdie

Elizabeth doesn't deserve Meliodas

3 Escanor

My favorite character. His powers are awesome and I love his cocky attitude.

4 King

He is the best boi! he super funny and I love his oversized hoodie! plus he's so adorable when he gets flustered (my friends called me a simp for him today ;-;)

King is awesome! He is so cool! I love how he carries around Helbram’s hat on his hood. Oh and speaking of Helbram... WHY ISn't HE ON THIS LIST?!?!?! 😤

He is doing gang sign's when he fight lol
(just kidding just sign's so he can control his weapons

king should totally be higher, so cool

5 Elizabeth Liones

I like Elizabeth. It’s really cool how she is like part goddess. I feel like we would be good friends(when we arnt fighting over meliodas)

Her and meliodas have the most beautiful love story I had to cry

her boobs are LARGE

6 Gowther

I like Gowther because it is funny how he can’t understand human emotions. It shocked me learning he was a doll... sorry spoiler🤭 Anyway it’s also funny when he goes “sparkle” I’m gonna stop now before I spoil anything else...I’m sorry whoever is reading this

Gowther's motive to find out what "love" is completely broke my heart!

Just a straight up badass who is Ngl kinda sexy but his origins pretty creepy

Gowther is the best no doubt

7 Hawk

Christina Vee is epic as Hawk!

When I heard her, all I heard was Morgiana

Love Hawk! He keeps Melildas from going full pervert mode..🤣 If it wasn’t for Hawk Elizabeth would be... not good.

8 Zeldris

Underrated. He is definitely one of the strongest characters.

Looks really cool

He is awesome

9 Mael
10 Diane

I like Diane. Her and King are so cute together! Ahhh! Sorry had a fangirl moment there...She is so cool! Coolest giant ever! Love her orange outfit that King made her!

She is my absolute favourite

The Contenders
11 Merlin

Merlin is a great character. Cool, calm, and collected.

12 Elaine

I love Elaine. After the whole imma kill Jericho thing she was cool with me again. Her and Ban are super cute together!

Associated with ban

Elaine looks like RIN

13 Jericho

I love Jericho! She is just too funny sometimes. How she goes after Ban and acts like a total fangirl. Love her!

Cute and a lovable character.

Sexy and interesting

She is best girl

14 Gilthunder

Gilthunder makes me laugh! Especially when he gets exited when Meliodas is fighting! It’s so cute how much he looks up to Meliodas! Him and Margret are cute together too.

Manor Of tge cats

Lightning badass

15 Arthur Pendragon

He is a great king. Mature and still bouncy, I feel like he deserves to be higher up. I also wish he had more screen time. He's usually just there in the background.

16 Derieri
17 Gloxinia
18 Monspiet

He can't even tell derieri how he feels about her

19 Gelda
20 Ludociel
21 Dolor
22 Jenna
23 Guila
24 Margaret
25 Zaratras
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