Top Ten Seven-Letter Male Names

Feel free to add any you think deserves to be here (seven letters only).

The Top Ten

1 Charles
2 Michael
3 Gabriel

Admiral Horatio Gabriel. Doesn't have the same ring to it.

4 Barnaby

Like, "Donchya be frettin', Luke. T'were a bad fahr, but that new barnaby up 'fore y'know it."

5 Garrett
6 William
7 Maxwell

"Maxwell before use. Watch for overspray."

8 Spencer

Spencer keeps the key to the "ladies'-days" machine. So unless you BYO, don't diss Spencer.

9 Zachary
10 Timothy

The Contenders

11 Gaylord
12 Artemus
13 Abraham
14 Carlton
15 Swisher

Swisher?! Why would any male have this name? Oh...never mind... - Britgirl

'Snot whatchya think. He's a taster down to the pesticide plant. His brother Gaylord, on t'other hand...

16 Muskrat

It's a regional thang;).

Uh...o-kay...if you say so... :). - Britgirl

17 Rudolph
18 Roberto
19 Richard

Dick, for short, regardless.

20 Hercule

In English-speaking countries (even mine;), it's known as a "follicle."

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