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221 Tsukasa Nishino - Ichigo 100%
222 Hikari Hanazono - Special A Hikari Hanazono - Special A

Oh come on guys! Just look at her! She has the looks and the skills. Hikari is probably one of the most hard working and most positive anime characters EVER! She is super smart and great at fighting. Too bad she sucks at cooking, but at least we laugh at her failed attempts. Not only that, but she really does look SUPER CUTE! I am 100% sure she should at LEAST be in the top 50.

223 Tohru Honda - Fruits Basket Tohru Honda - Fruits Basket

Should be in the top 80 I mean come ON people

224 Mikuru Asahina - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Mikuru Asahina - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
225 Korra - Avatar: The Legend of Korra Korra - Avatar: The Legend of Korra Avatar Korra is the title lead character in Nickelodeon's animated television series The Legend of Korra, in which she is depicted as the current incarnation of the Avatar, responsible for maintaining peace and balance in the world.
226 Fuko Kirisawa - Flame of Recca
227 Momo Velia Deviluke - To Love Ru Darkness
228 Ichigo Momomiya - Tokyo Mew Mew V 1 Comment
229 Shana - Shakugan no Shana Shana - Shakugan no Shana

Her cuteness is very underrated.

230 Machi - Hunter x Hunter

Very beautiful and very clever.

231 Celty Sturluson - Durarara

Really? How come she isn't even in the top 200? (Or maybe she is; I just didn't see her name while skimming through the list... ) Either way, her personality, badassery, and unique design should get her somewhere high on this list, if not the top 10!

V 1 Comment
232 Sailor Pluto - Sailor Moon Sailor Pluto - Sailor Moon
233 Ran Mouri - Detective Conan
234 Makise Kurisu - Steins;Gate Makise Kurisu - Steins;Gate

Woah surprised she's so far down, she's really really sexy

Top tier waifu material


235 Blue Rose - Tiger & Bunny
236 Kotomi Ichinose - Clannad Kotomi Ichinose - Clannad
237 Mako Mankanshoku - Kill La Kill Mako Mankanshoku - Kill La Kill

She's so cute with her massive puppy eyes and adorable bowl cut hairstyle yet she wins as the sexiest anime girl because of her curveacious body, large breasts and hyperactive personality.

238 Neko - K-Project Neko - K-Project
239 Jinja - Monsuno
240 Black Rock Shooter - Black Rock Shooter
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