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341 Hikari - This Ugly Yet Beautiful World
342 Ryoko Hakubi - Tenchi Muyo
343 Satsuki Momoi - Kuroko no Basuke
344 Housen Ryofu - Ikkitousen
345 Aki Nijou - Maken-Ki
346 Kurenai Yuhi - Naruto Kurenai Yuhi - Naruto V 1 Comment
347 Kashiwazaki Sena - Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Never seen the anime...but the moment I saw this girl on the internet I instantly Googled what series she belongs and became a fan of it.

348 Mabui - Naruto Mabui - Naruto
349 Misty Cornwell - Vandread
350 Misty - Pokemon

You can tell she has lots of experience. She probably slept with Ash at least a dozen times when they were traveling

The original and most useful Pokemon heroine who MUST COME BACK

351 Inori - Guilty Crown

She strong, she's modest, her personality is like fire on ice. Why the bloody hell isn't she in the top ten?!

V 1 Comment
352 Kitsune - Love Hina
353 Miki Hashiba - Suzuka

Pretty girl with long hair - ronluna

354 Nana - Elfen Lied
355 May - Pokemon

May is married to me and so is dawn serena and misty.

356 Kaoru Shimizu - Major

compare when she was a child, season 1 up to 5, the graphics of the anime is getting better and better every season and she is getting more beautiful. shigeno honda is a lucky guy - ronluna

She's cute and loyal

357 Haru Miura - Katekyou Hitman Reborn

I love Haru, She has a fun personally and she's pretty funny sometimes. And she deserves to be Tsuna's future Wife

pretty weird girl who has a crush on tsuna - ronluna

Weird but cool! Beautiful and rich girl who love tsuna and always stalking him! Joke! Hehe I love khr

358 Ishizu - Yu-Gi-Oh

At best Ishizu is like the 6th sexiest Yu-Gi-Oh character, but she's still the sexiest one one here.

Yugi, oh! Epic. not the anime, but the real game

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