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81 Sonozaki Shion - Higurashi When They Cry Sonozaki Shion - Higurashi When They Cry
82 Shizuka - Queen's Blade
83 Chizuru Naba - Negima
84 Nurse Joy - Pokemon V 1 Comment
85 Holo - Spice and Wolf

Holo is Hot, cute, adorable and she can be Sexy wolf. Wolf are in!
With her beautiful red eyes, smooth red hair, cute Tail. She tough, brave, wisdom, knowledge, never back down, smart and I guess she a great kisser.3

V 1 Comment
86 Haru Miura - Katekyou Hitman Reborn

I love Haru, She has a fun personally and she's pretty funny sometimes. And she deserves to be Tsuna's future Wife

pretty weird girl who has a crush on tsuna - ronluna

Weird but cool! Beautiful and rich girl who love tsuna and always stalking him! Joke! Hehe I love khr

87 Rei Ayanami - Neon Genesis Evangelion Rei Ayanami - Neon Genesis Evangelion

She is one of the most awesome girl ever, it is without any kind of doubt that she is indeed beautiful on both inside and out!

First off how is she not already on this list, especially with that blue hair

I'm surprised she's not higher.

88 Mizuho Kazami - Please Teacher

Mizuho is super hot cute and sexy. The way she talks and walks is amazing. She's smart to. She's very kind and loving to. I always think about her if she was real I would do all in my power to get her. She is awesome and super sexy!

89 Elizabeth Liones - Nanatsu no Taizai
90 Flare Corona - Fairy Tail Flare Corona - Fairy Tail
91 Shinobu - Ninja Nonsense Shinobu - Ninja Nonsense
92 Maggie Mui - R.O.D the TV
93 Nel Tu - Bleach

She is beautiful and sexy. She was royalty as an Arrancar then went tribal when abandoned after she was with the Arrancar. - MaxPowers

94 Tsukiumi - Sekirei Tsukiumi - Sekirei
95 Sabato - Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan
96 Rem Saverem - Trigun
97 Kaoru Shimizu - Major

compare when she was a child, season 1 up to 5, the graphics of the anime is getting better and better every season and she is getting more beautiful. shigeno honda is a lucky guy - ronluna

She's cute and loyal

98 Amane Kaunaq - Tenchi Muyo GXP

The hottest character in the show and shes tough, though will never know understand she sees in Seina. - egnomac

My vote goes to Amane she has a really nice body, I would give anything to be Seina and have Amane all over me.

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99 Kurumi Tokisaki - Date a Live Kurumi Tokisaki - Date a Live

Kurumi is the hottest! She should be first!

So damn hot, Seductive and gorgeous.

100 Rachel Moore - Detective Conan
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