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141 Rory Mercury - GATE: The Animation

961 year old goth lolita priestess of war. We need to start kicking mainstream anime off this list.

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142 Kyoko Sasagawa - Katekyou Hitman Reborn

She's cute and sweet.
And she's caring and a good cook, definitely a bride material!

143 Namine - Kingdom Hearts
144 Kagamine Rin - Vocaloid Kagamine Rin - Vocaloid Kagamine Rin & Len are humanoid personas voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Crypton Future Media, headquartered in Sapporo, Japan.

Best vocaloid. I'd like to trade her seat with Miku's - DeathTheKidIsMine

Let's see:

Sexiest 14 year old "humanoid" in the universe.
Quirky but cool and awesome twin brother.
Looks hot as a bumblebee... No kidding...


145 Sango - InuYasha
146 Revy - Black Lagoon Revy - Black Lagoon

Really hot suprised not in the top 10 but a murderer so yeah...

#1 what wrong wit yall

147 Hiroto Kurosaki - Bleach
148 Kazehana - Sekirei Kazehana - Sekirei
149 Rio Kinezono - Burn Up Excess
150 Eucliwood Hellscythe - Is This a Zombie? Eucliwood Hellscythe - Is This a Zombie?
151 Super Sonico - Super Sonico The Animation Super Sonico - Super Sonico The Animation Super Sonico is a fictional female character created by Tsuji Santa for the Japanese computer and video game software company Nitroplus, first appearing as a mascot for a Nitroplus-sponsored music festival in 2006. Nitroplus has since developed the character into a media franchise that includes music more.

What the hell...138?! You guys definitely haven't seen her yet. Search Google now!

152 Tiffania Westwood - Zero no Tsukaima

She should be number 1 because she's hotter than everyone in this list.

153 Kirika - Eiken
154 Ahiru Arima - Princess TuTu

So sad that I had to add her on this list. She is the most beautiful character.

155 Setsuna - Negima
156 Tao Jun - Shaman King
157 Alister Agrewā€ˇ - Last Exile
158 Tohru - Fruits Basket
159 Tour guide from the underworld - Yu-Gi-Oh! Cardgame
160 Naga the Serpent - Slayers

She's really sexy she's hotter than Lena sure she seems like a total ditz but she can be real powerful when she wants to be plus she's got really big boobs. - egnomac

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