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Sakura Haruno is the main heroine of the series "Naruto Shonen Jump!" and Naruto Shippuden. She is the only female ninja of Team Seven. Her family consists of her mother, Mebuki Haruno and her father Kizashi Haruno. Her clan is likely not very well known around Konoha and up until "Boruto: Naruto Next more.


Sakura? Oh my god... She is not sexy, not hot I don't think that she should be in the top 20s. Oh, come on... I mean seriously... She doesn't deserve it at all. My blood boils to get her in my personality quiz. In my opinion, she's pathetic. A worthless in disguise of try-to-be-awesome.

No way! She was useless until like the last from chapter 620 in the manga. She's got nothing in terms of looks or personality. She truly DOES NOT deserve to be among the top ten. Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail, C.C. from Code Geass and Hinata from Naruto Shippuden are much better in terms of looks and personality than Sakura. I honestly do not know how those who watch anime consider her 'sexy'. - ToBeThriller

Honestly I voted her just because I want to let this guy know that he really doesn't have a taste in picking girls. Oh man! She isn't even pretty.She was good in Naruto.But I can't stand her in the Shippuden. She is so tomboyish and I don't like such girls at all.

she is the best because there arent so much anime females that are so amazing as sakura. sakura is sometimes cute (angel xd ) n then bull naruto (devil ) well shes diffrent in every episodes sometimes rude sometimes nice but always shes cute or smart but in episode 218 ( I think) she wasnt smart but she was very brave well I guess she isn't annoying because everyone would do the same if they have abit the same life as her x3

I love Sakura! She's string willed and isn't far from being the way normal teenagers are in the real world! And I adore her, really. I guess I have a thing for pink haired girls but I love her, we're so similar! And curse you, people who say she's flat chested! There's a huge difference in the manga and if you noticed, her chest size changes in each episode of the anime!

Something about those piercing green eyes and pink hair that makes me want to cream my pants every time I see her.

Seriously though, how the hell do people honestly think Hinata's in leagues with her?! She's a strong woman, defiant and enticing, while Hinata just blushes and says "... Naruto-kun... " It's no wonder Naruto never pays any attention to Hinata, you already know what she's gonna say.

Sakura hotness all the way!

The only thing I find pretty on her is her eyes and I'm a guy, her hair is pathetic and her personality, I dislike Hinata too but I would say shes the prettiest girl in Naruto, And the hottest women is Kurenai (i think I spelled her name wrong) Tsunade is not a women she is a old hag that hides behind her boobs. - UTA

sakura is the best and there is no doubt about it!
she is the sexiest cutest (and I am not exaggerating) anime female that I have ever seen and anyone who thinks that she is annoying is wrong! and besides, evry female is annoying in her own way but sakura rocks and will always be my top female character.

I don' think her body is sexier than Tenten. Really. Even if you like her, don't make her so special and awesome like that. Lucy even has nicer body than her...

Sakura is really great and the most sexiest anime girl I have ever seen in my life! she rocks and unlike most of the anime girls she is cute smart intelligent, hot, sexy and she is a total badass she can really kick it hard! xD lol she is the best!

I love sakura and always will she has wits and can kick your ass and this just shows you don't need big boobs to sexiest anime character. But thank god sakura's winning because I thought they were gong to Hinata up here for winning spot just because she has big boobs and say she is innocent.

OKAY! I think we should STOP voting for Sakura because she is WINNING! What!? Seriously? How can she be 1st? She might as well be first at Top Ten Most Scariest Anime girls.

I am surprised that she is the sexiest by her personality only but she doesn't quite have sexy body as other anime girls would have.
She is awesome in her own way. One day an angel and one day she used to be scary, but the best thing about her is that she possesses the powers of both.

Indeed... Sakura is the best anime character I've ever seen.. She is strong, smart, and gorgeous. She is not to depend to others, she can do many thing than other comrade can do. Among many character I've ever seen.. She is the the most captivating one and I love her so... Much

Sorry if no one else thinks so but the person creating this list gave all the other girls sexy pictures but this is not nice and is unfair I personally would choose name Sakura Lucy and erza I love them all so sorry if you guys don't agree with me

Hi I'm Alex I'm a massive sword art online fan and I feel your saying the shows bad by putting its characters in spots after ten and if your doing a list like this have pictures also how is Asuna number twenty three she's goreus and she's kind, smart, funny and awesome I mean what's not hot about a gorgeous woman with a sword to me that's awesome and and a turn on.

I like sakura I know her personality sucks and she kinda useless but I like her and I'm glad she got first for something because everyone is always hating on her

How ironic! She is also number 1 in "Most Annoying Anime / Manga Characters"list.

Sakura Haruno, Lucy Heartfilia, Nami, and Bulma R DEFINITELY AND WILL ALWAYS be the HOTTEST Anime girls.

Sakura shouldn't be number 1! It should be nagisa from clannad. Sakura is a sorry excuse for a pretty girl!

Don't get all perverted on her, people -_- but I know Sakura a lot more then these other anime females (except Bulma). - animedude7

She becomes sexy when she's an adult, Hinata is higher up, but to be honest, she's what anyone would call "cute" or adorable" Sakura on the other hand is sexy, she's confident and assertive.

She is gorge and did you guys see her eyes! She has the perfect body and defiantly a smart mind. Definitely one of the best anime characters ever and from a top anime 2

I knew sakura will win this. She is 100 times better than those anime girls. Sakura sama to col! Sakura is so beautiful, cute, intelligent. I don not know why some people hate sakura and they like that hinata.

oh yes! of course she is the hottest and sexiest anime girl ever! she is so awesome, cute, hot, strong, smart/ intelligent and so sexy lol go sakura! she rocks... :p