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1 Nicole Scherzinger Nicole Scherzinger Nicole Scherzinger, born Nicole Prescovia Elikolani Valiente on June 29, 1978, is an American singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, and television personality . She first rose to fame as the lead singer of the pop/r&b group The Pussycat Dolls. In fact, Nicole was pretty much the only girl in the group more.

Yeah...she's hot as hell, that kind of goes without saying though. I can't really express how I feel about her on here because my comment would probably never get approved lol.

Hottest woman alive. - DaWyteNight

Very sexy woman! God was in a great mood when he made this one!

She's alright.

2 Constance Marie Constance Marie

Sexy as hell, should be number 2 after Nicole Scherzinger, she definitely needs to be higher than ariana grande

Lord what a hot, sexy, beautiful and enchanting woman! Femininity at it's finest! Her voice and body are the definition of sexy and womanly.

Very sexy and beautiful woman. I still wonder how George Lopez kept his cool all those years. Any normal man would've been all over her!

Sexiness at it's finest

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3 Scarlett Johansson Scarlett Johansson Scarlett Johansson (born November 22, 1984) is an American actress, model, and singer. She made her film debut in North. more.

She's so hot.


She's okay

Ehhh...she's okay. At her best she can be pretty sexy but at her worst...oh lord she's a nightmare.

4 Shakira Shakira Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll is a Colombian-Spanish singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, choreographer, and model.

Sex on legs, her "Hips Don't Lie" and she had curves in all the right places!

5 Ariana Grande Ariana Grande Ariana Grande-Butera, known professionally as Ariana Grande, is an American singer and actress. She was born on June 26th 1993 in Boca Raton, Florida to Joan Grande and Edward Butera. She is best known for her role as Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious and its spin-off show Sam & Cat. more.

Beautiful face charming smile

Not sexy - DaWyteNight

She looks like a damn 9 year old! How is that sexy? There are so many hotter female singers out there, even some of the "ugly" singers like Rihanna and Fergie are sexier than this walking stick.

Pretty yes, but sexy no

6 Megan Fox Megan Fox Megan Denise Fox is an American actress and model. She began her acting career in 2001, with several minor television and film roles, and played a regular role on the Hope & Faith television sitcom.

Since when does she sing, she just acts on "Transformers" films.

7 Mariah Carey Mariah Carey Mariah Carey, born March 27, 1970, is an American singer, songwriter and actress. She is one of the biggest best-selling women in the music industry, with 18 number 1 records to her name. She is regarded as a sex symbol through her songs and music videos, and she is "well known" for her over-the-top more.

She's so hit or miss, she can be incredibly sexy sometimes but other times she looks (and sounds) old and ugly. I'd still hit it though lol.

Hot damn she bad

8 Fergie Fergie Stacy Ann "Fergie" Ferguson is an American singer, songwriter, fashion designer, television host, and actress.

Fergie is the hottest woman Alive even at 39 years old - Onefor21

Not sexy just trashy - DaWyteNight

9 Kaley Cuoco Kaley Cuoco Kaley Christine Cuoco is an American actress, known for her roles as Bridget Hennessy in the ABC sitcom 8 Simple Rules, Billie Jenkins in the final season of the supernatural drama series Charmed, and Penny in the CBS comedy series The Big Bang Theory for which she won a Satellite Award in 2012, a Critics' more.

Super sexy especially when she was younger on 8 Simple Rules, I always wanted a piece of that fine Bridget teenage ass!

She bad

10 Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lynn Lopez, also known as J. Lo, is an American singer, actress, dancer, fashion designer, author and producer.

Unpopular opinion: overrated!

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11 Jennifer Love Hewitt Jennifer Love Hewitt Jennifer Love Hewitt is an American actress, singer, songwriter, producer and director. Hewitt began her career as a child actress and singer.
12 Katy Perry Katy Perry Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, professionally known by her stage name Katy Perry, was born on October 25, 1984 in Santa Barbara, California. She is a singer, songwriter, actress and an ambassador on one of the most popular companies of now, UNICEF. more.

I think she is good looking

She has big boobs

Kind of ugly - DaWyteNight

Ugly lady with fake boobs

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13 Sofia Vergara Sofia Vergara Sofía Margarita Vergara Vergara is a Colombian-American actress, comedian, producer, television host, model and businesswoman.
14 Kellie Shanygne Williams Kellie Shanygne Williams Kellie Shanygne Williams is an American actress. She is best known for her role as Laura Lee Winslow, the middle child of Carl and Harriette Winslow on the ABC/CBS television series Family Matters which ran from 1989–1998. Her middle name is pronounced Sha-neen.
15 Mila Kunis Mila Kunis Milena Markovna "Mila" Kunis is an American actress . In 1991, at the age of seven, she moved from the Ukrainian SSR to Los Angeles with her family .
16 Rihanna Rihanna Robyn Rihanna Fenty is a Barbadian-American pop singer. Born in Saint Michael and raised in Bridgetown, she first entered the music industry by recording demo tapes under the direction of record producer Evan Rogers in 2003. She ultimately signed a recording contract with Def Jam Recordings after auditioning more.

Very ugly woman with an annoying voice. She has a manly face, and her body isn't anything to special. She has just a little bit better of a body than Ariana Grande but that isn't really saying much. I don't know what Drake and Chris Brown see in her.

Rihanna is one of the least sexy people on earth! Why is everybody so obsessed with this tramp? She doesn't have anything! She has that ugly manly face, that huge forhead, ugly voice, no ass, small boobs, no curves, what is so special about her? I just cannot see why Drake (by the way Drake is gay) is so bent over this basic flat chick.

17 Beyonce Beyonce Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, is an American singer and actress, who started out in the popular pop/r&b girl group Destiny's Child. They had multiple top 5 hits such as "No, No, No", "Say My Name", "Bills, Bills, Bills", "Survivor", "Independent Women", "Bootylicious", and "Jumpin', Jumpin" from more.

Yeah okay...she got a booty and curves...but there is just something so unsexy about her that turns me off. Call me a weirdo but I would not hit that.

18 Ciara Ciara Ciara Princess Harris, known mononymously as Ciara, is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, model and actress. She is married to Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

God she is so sexy, especially when she was younger! Lord knows I wanted the goodies so bad.

I admit to wanting the goodies when I was younger

19 Aimee Garcia Aimee Garcia

She bad. When she came on the George Lopez show it was like a non-stop hormone rush between her and Angie, she tried to give Angie a run for her money at times but even though Angie was 13 years older she was still hotter.

20 Halle Berry Halle Berry Halle Maria Berry is an American actress. Berry won the 2002 Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in the romantic drama Monster's Ball. As of 2018, she is the only black woman to have won the award.

Yeah...this one is just a given, I don't even need to say anything here, everybody already knows about how fine Halle is with her sexy ass!

21 Selena Gomez Selena Gomez Selena Marie Gomez is an American actress and singer. She is best known for songs like "Come & Get It", "Good For You", "Same Old Love", and "Naturally". Selena Gomez's voice is mezzo-soprano but she usually sings in alto. She is best known for her role as Alex Russo in Wizards of Waverly Place.

Too good

She is not sexy at all, what did The Weeknd see in her?

22 Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Shrader Lawrence is an American actress. Lawrence began her career in television, playing her first major role as a main cast member on the TBS sitcom The Bill Engvall Show.
23 Shailene Woodley Shailene Woodley Shailene Diann Woodley is an American actress. She came to mainstream attention for her role as Amy Juergens in the ABC Family television series The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Gorgeous girl!

24 Tisha Campbell

She's the only reason I still watch "Martin."

25 Chloe Grace Moretz Chloe Grace Moretz Chloë Grace Moretz is an American actress and model. She began her acting career in 2004 at the age of seven, and her first award nomination came the following year for The Amityville Horror.
26 Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer-songwriter. She was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania. She is best known for writing break up songs and for having more than 5 Grammys. She became interested in country music when she was around 9 years old and after watching a documentary about more.

She is just amazing

Her? Sexy? No way.

27 Kelly Rowland Kelly Rowland Kelendria Trene "Kelly" Rowland is a Grammy Award winning American singer, songwriter, actress and television personality.

She sexy, she doesn't have as good of a body as some others and she has fake boobs and was originally only an A cup which is a huge turn off, but her voice could get any man hot!

She doesn't have the best body but she has a very sexy voice

28 Emma Watson Emma Watson Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson is a British actress, model, and activist. Born in Paris and brought up in Oxfordshire, Watson attended the Dragon School as a child and trained as an actress at the Oxford branch of Stagecoach Theatre Arts.
29 Alexandra Daddario Alexandra Daddario Alexandra Anna Daddario is an American actress. She is best known for playing Annabeth Chase in the Percy Jackson film series, and Blake Gaines in San Andreas.
30 Daisy Ridley Daisy Ridley Daisy Jazz Isobel Ridley is an English actress. She began her acting career by appearing in minor television roles, before being cast as the main protagonist, Rey, in the Star Wars sequel trilogy – first appearing in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
31 Christina Hendricks Christina Hendricks Christina Rene Hendricks is an American actress. She is best known for her role as Joan Holloway in the AMC drama television series Mad Men, for which she has been nominated for six Emmy Awards.
32 Margot Robbie Margot Robbie Margot Elise Robbie is an Australian actress. Robbie started her career by appearing in Australian independent films in the late 2000s. She got her big break in 2013 with The Wolf of Wall Street, where she was acclaimed for her performance, and being hailed "the hottest woman I've seen in a while" by more.
33 Rosario Dawson Rosario Dawson Rosario Isabel Dawson is an American actress, producer, and comic book writer. She made her film debut in the 1995 teen drama Kids.
34 Amanda Seyfriend
35 Freida Pinto Freida Pinto
36 Ashley Benson Ashley Benson Ashley Victoria Benson is an American actress, dancer and model, known for her role as Hanna Marin on the mystery-thriller television series Pretty Little Liars.
37 Minka Kelly Minka Kelly
38 Lily Collins Lily Collins Lily Jane Collins is a British-American actress and model. The daughter of English singer Phil Collins and an American mother, Jill Tavelman, she was born in Surrey and moved to Los Angeles as a child.
39 Dianna Agron Dianna Agron Dianna Elise Agron is an American actress, singer, and dancer. In 2006, Agron made her television debut as Jessica Grant on CSI: NY. From 2006 to 2007, Agron had recurring roles on Veronica Mars as Jenny Budosh, and Heroes as Debbie Marshall.
40 Cheryl Cole Cheryl Cole Cheryl Ann Tweedy (formerly Cheryl Cole, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini) known as Cheryl is an English singer, dancer, and television personality. She rose to fame in late 2002 as a member of girl group Girls Aloud on ITV's Popstars: The Rivals, and stayed with the group until they split up in 2013.

"The Nations Sweetheart" she is a great singer she was so brave singing hits like "Fight For This Love" and has had four solo UK No1's, she was always the sexiest of Girls Aloud in my opinion.
Downside? Okay so American's struggled to hear her clearly with her accent, apart from that cracking "bird" as my dad says, "if I was 20 years younger! "

She's quite pretty I suppose and petite, but she can't sing too good, she uses auto-tune, she only has big No1 hits when she's on X-Factor and appeals musically only to young girls and tweens.

She has the weakest vocals of the Girls Aloud ladies and has two failed marriages, first Cheryl Tweedy, then Cole, then something Versi. But releases music as "Cheryl" which seems a bit big headed.

"America's sweetheart"

Yeah hardly! - NicoleJohnnyLutherBrianFan

She's not that sexy

41 Paris Hilton Paris Hilton Paris Whitney Hilton is an American businesswoman, socialite, television personality, model, actress, singer, DJ, and author .
42 Emma Stone Emma Stone Emily Jean "Emma" Stone is an American actress. One of the world's highest-paid actresses, she has won the Academy Award Best Actress Award, been nominated for two British Academy Film Awards and two Golden Globe Awards, and has won two Screen Actors Guild Awards.
43 Kristen Bell Kristen Bell Kristen Anne Bell is an American actress and singer. She began her acting career starring in stage productions and attended the Tisch School of Arts in New York. She played the lead role in Frozen.
44 Alyssa Milano Alyssa Milano Alyssa Jayne Milano is an American actress, activist, producer and former singer. She is best known for her roles in Who's the Boss?, Melrose Place, Charmed, My Name is Earl, Mistresses and Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later.
45 Kelly Clarkson Kelly Clarkson Kelly Brianne Clarkson is an American singer, songwriter and children's book author. She rose to fame in 2002 after winning the inaugural season of the television series American Idol, which earned her a record deal with RCA Records. Clarkson's debut single, "A Moment Like This", topped the US Billboard more.
46 Avril Lavigne Avril Lavigne Avril Ramona Lavigne is a Canadian–French singer-songwriter and actress. By the age of 15, she had appeared on stage with Shania Twain; by 16, she had signed a two-album recording contract with Arista Records worth more than $2 million.
47 Emma Roberts Emma Roberts Emma Rose Roberts is an American actress and singer. After small roles in films such as Blow, she rose to prominence with her role as Addie Singer in the Nickelodeon television series Unfabulous, for which she was nominated for a Teen Choice Award and six Young Artist Awards.
48 Lea Michele Lea Michele Lea Michele Sarfati is an American actress, singer and author. She began her career as a child actress on Broadway, appearing in productions of Les Misérables, Ragtime, Fiddler on the Roof, and Spring Awakening.
49 Keyshia Cole Keyshia Cole Keyshia Cole is an r&b diva who was popular in the mid 2000's with songs like "Love", "Heaven Sent", "I Remember" and "Let It Go." Keyshia's r&b is known for it's 'hood' edge to it, and a lot of this is due to one of her biggest inspirations being Tupac Shacur.
50 Amanda Seyfried Amanda Seyfried Amanda Michelle Seyfried is an American actress, model, and singer. She has appeared in movies such as Mean Girls, Mamma Mia!, and Les Misérables. Her work on TV includes CSI Las Vegas, Veronica Mars, and As The World Turns.
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