Top 10 Sexiest Female Werewolf and Vampire Characters

The Top Ten

1 Elena Michaels (Bitten)
2 Star (The Lost Boys)
3 Megan (Dog Soldiers)
4 Elizabeth Báthory (Countess Dracula)
5 Laurie (Trick 'r Treat)
6 Akasha (Queen of the Damned)
7 Sonja (Skinwalkers)
8 Jennifer (Suck)
9 Satanico Pandemonium (From Dusk Till Dawn)
10 Serafine Pigot (An American Werewolf in Paris)

The Contenders

11 Ellie (Cursed)
12 Nadine Carody (Vampyros Lesbos)
13 Vivian Gandillon (Blood and Chocolate)
14 Lilith (Bordello of Blood)
15 Marsha Quist (The Howling)
16 Sarah Shagal (The Fearless Vampire Killers)
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