Top 10 Sexiest & Hottest Belly Dancers

Below List of Sexist, Angelic, Mesmerizing , enticing Belly /Oriental Dancer who are really make eye Soothing Belly Dancing.

The Top Ten

1 Meher Malik Meher Malik

Angelic and Dazzling Belly dancer From India - dev2279

2 Victoria Pronina Victoria Pronina
3 Galina Nankovskaya Galina Nankovskaya
4 Anna Samoteeva Anna Samoteeva
5 Anna Lonkina Anna Lonkina
6 Zohar Prazon Zohar Prazon
7 Samira Shuruk Samira Shuruk
8 Ansuya Ansuya
9 Suraiya Ibrahim Suraiya Ibrahim

Hot n Sexy Belly Dancer From Katowice Poland - dev2279

10 Anastasia Anastasia

Sexiest Belly Dancer From Brooklyn New York - dev2279

The Contenders

11 Hanna Zalanskas Hanna Zalanskas

Most Mesemerisng Belly Dancer From Minsk, Belarus - dev2279

12 Anna Mar Del Sur Anna Mar Del Sur

Magnificent & Delightful Oriental Dancer From Columbia - dev2279

13 Rasa Vitalia Rasa Vitalia

Most Charming & Bewitching Oriental Dancer From U.S.A - dev2279

14 Carolina Angulo Carolina Angulo

Exquisite Belly Dancer From Dominican Republic - dev2279

15 Diva Darina Diva Darina
16 Julia Farid Torgonska Julia Farid Torgonska

Good-Looking and Enticing Oriental Dancer From Ukraine - dev2279

17 Ekaterina Lisenkova Ekaterina Lisenkova
18 Cassandra Fox Cassandra Fox

Such a beautiful dancer you are darling

19 Valeria Shapovalova Valeria Shapovalova
20 Tracy Marais Tracy Marais

Gorgeous and Graceful Belly Dancer From South Africa - dev2279

21 Naima Hassan Naima Hassan

Lovely and Ravishing Oriental Dancers From Italy - dev2279

22 Shakira El Masria Shakira El Masria
23 Mohnaa Shrivastava Mohnaa Shrivastava
24 Ksenia Glav Ksenia Glav
25 Mónica Raga Mónica Raga
26 Rachelle Medlej Rachelle Medlej
27 Anna Ivanova Anna Ivanova
28 Layla Isis Layla Isis
29 Nataly Hay Nataly Hay
30 Debapriya Das Debapriya Das
31 Najla Ferreira Najla Ferreira
32 Romina Maluf Romina Maluf
33 Anzhelika Hutsava Anzhelika Hutsava
34 Esmeralda Colabone Esmeralda Colabone
35 Victoria Biondo Victoria Biondo
36 Mari Faria Mari Faria
37 Tatyana Bukhinnik (A.K.A. "Tanya Yukha") Tatyana Bukhinnik (A.K.A.
38 Natalya Liseeva Natalya Liseeva
39 Talita Vital Talita Vital
40 Olga Giba Olga Giba
41 Anna Yudina Anna Yudina
42 Eva Mandisa Eva Mandisa
43 Nuki Koshkhelishvili Nuki Koshkhelishvili
44 Alex "Yela" Mang Alex
45 Tatiana Werya Tatiana Werya
46 Sadie Marquardt Sadie Marquardt
47 Sher Sanda Sher Sanda
48 Monika Nataraj Monika Nataraj
49 Jilina Carlano Jilina Carlano
50 Neena Neena
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