Top 10 Sexiest Korean Songs

The Top Ten Sexiest Korean Songs

1 Huh - 4 Minute

The moves are sexy, with their sexy clothes. Also, the music is strong! That's why I like it so much! I can't stop listening to this song! Consider your choice! Vote for 4minute HUH!

I'm so in love with ths song and this band;0

2 Abracadabra - Brown Eyes Girls
3 Chocolate Love - SNSD
4 Alone - Sistar
5 Bad Girl, Good Girl - Miss A
6 Mr. Taxi - SNSD
7 To Me - Rainbow
8 So Cool - Sistar
9 Mr. - Kara
10 Chock Chock - Brown Eyed Girls

The Contenders

11 Mirror Mirror - 4 Minute

This is sexy, you have to know it. Mirror Mirror is the best! THe song does not really sound good when you listen it for the first time. But it generally gets better when you continued to listen to it! Now, I find it sexy and I super like it!

12 2Hot - G.NA
13 Intoxication - Xiah Junsu
14 Troublemaker - Troublemaker
15 Ah - Afterschool
16 Now - Troublemaker
17 Before U Go - TVXQ
18 Sorry, Sorry (Answer) - Super Junior
19 Chocolate Love - FX
20 Run Devil Run - Girls' Generation
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