Top 15 Sexiest Survivor Male Contestants

1. Brendan Synnott (Tocantins) Those eyes just make me melt plus that muscled body, love the pecs.

2. Tom Westman (Palau) What turns me on about this man is the fact that he just can not be beaten. He is so strong. Love it.

3. Mike Skupin (Australia) Another real man. That body is just magnificent.

4. Andrew Savage (Pearl Islands) Love his confidence as well as those defined muscled calves. His strength in that weight holding challenge was a major turn on.

5. Adam Gentry (Cook Islands) As he got deeper into the game, i got to see more of his personality and he was really loveable and cute.

6. Nick Stanbury (Panama) He didn't come onto my radar until he got voted off when his speech was so touching and then looking back, that body woah, what can you say. He's the whole package.

7. Colby Donaldson (Australia) That torso is just amazing plus the charisma he possesses. However, his back is his best asset, so hot.

8. Marcus Lehman (Gabon) Charlie was infatuated with him and i could see why. I wish those two got it on. Marcus had a calm confidence and brilliant body.

9. Ethan Zohn (Africa, All Stars) Did not like him in Africa but in the All Stars season, his muscles were popping out so much, i couldn't resist plus that hair and amazing soul. Jenna you are a lucky girl.

10. Jeff Wilson (Palau) Jolanda referred to him as Hercules and he was just that. Glad he appeared on gay mag DNA and he was a strong ox.

11. Jamie Newton (Guatamala) Didn't appear on my radar until the reunion show where we saw the testosterone in regards to competition with Bobby John as well as those beefy arms, yum.

12. Silas Gaither (Africa) His pecs were just popping out all the time. He was just big. His personality brought him a little bit down though.

13. Jed Hildebrand (Thailand) What a interesting fellow. Very mysterious adventurer. Had an amazing body and looked like the guy outta the blue lagoon and had brilliant blue eyes and blonde hair, really cute.

14. Blake Towsley (Guatamala) Love those white sparkling teeth along side that rich tan he has. His pecs also pop out and his personality is great too.

15. James Clement (China, Micronesia) Probably the biggest guy on my list and i love it. Loved it on the Micronesia reunion show where he said he's willing to take his shirt off to make people happy, well i'd be asking him too, maybe even to touch, ouch.

Do you feel i missed any hotties out. Let me know, I might add soon. I missed some of the Vanuatu hotties like Brady and JP but that almost made the cut lol.