Aamir Khan

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Nobody can believe he's 47. He is sure sexiest because he is better the kind of famous and sexy BOYS. Even His looking is enough to kill us.

I'm living Turkey. I watch his movies and programs every day. Aamir Khan is perfect. :))

He is the best actor in the world also he is very good human.

He's really great inspration for all humanity. Whatever he makes, it would be perfect. And he's really cute.

He is unbelieveable. Each work he is in is terrific. I would really want to meet him one day...

He is the really actor I have ever seen in Bolywood and his eyes irradiate in his movies..

Aamir khan is the best actor and he is handsome so I love he

He's the most handsome. I like his eyes

He is the best actor in the world. He is very handsome. It is almost impossible not to fall in love with him.

He has good complexions on his face he posses a very good attitudes toward s public

All time Favorite... What on earth damn hell buddy holy seriously kidding sick gotta..

Aamir's best of the best! Great actor of the world! Mr. Blocbuster! I love him so much!

He is perfect. He is very handsome. His films are very wonderful.

He has cool personality and he deserve to be on number 1

He is very very succes actor. ı like aamir khan. He is funny, true, handsome, sweet and cute... His films are very nice and very good

He is amazing actor.. And he is very handsome

He is the best best best actor! It's enough.

My favorite sexiest men is Aamir Khan...

World smartest and intelligent boy