Alex O'Loughlin


Alex O'Loughlin IS what it means to be one of the "Sexiest Men In The World! " Alex has what most men in general have lost, Gratitude and Humility. Alex is a fantastic example of true sexiness that comes from within! He's a regular Bloke as much as a Manly Man! Alex is an old soul that's been missing in Hollywood. A self-made man that is well liked by both sexes around the globe! Alex takes care of himself physically, emotionally, and spiritually! A whole lot more inside than what genetics have given him outside! He's a younger version of a few A-list Gentlemen (Harrison Ford, Goerge Clooney, and Tom Selleck) His reputation speaks for itself. A Man of his word! Alex walks the walk! His lifetime commitment to fitness, being involved in many charities and foundations is something for the young to emulate! Alex O'Loughlin is a spokesperson for "Donate Life America" and "The Red Cross" These are just some of the reasons that Mr. Alex O'Loughlin should be in the "Top 10 Sexiest Men in the ...more

Alex is a wonderful actor and as stated here I feel he is underrated by the powers that be in Hollywood. As much I love him on Hawaii Five 0, I really hope that the show is a springboard for him to do so much else in his career after it ends. I would love to see him do movies and even more than that, I would love to see him do theater, especially Broadway. Would love for him to have as well rounded career like his fellow Aussie, Hugh Jackman, who by the way is most definitely one of the sexiest men ever, but since he isn't on T.V. is not on this list. He is also a really caring and wonderful man to his fans. They both R. I haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting Alex so I only know about him from what I read and hear, but Hugh is the best with his fans. Have met him numerous times. They are also both very humble men and their families are the most important thing to them. Must be something in the water in Australia, laugh out loud!

Alex is sexy, charismatic, funny all rolled into one very ripped hunk of a guy. His face and eyes speak volumes, without the words coming out of his mouth. I have followed his career since Moonlight's, Mick St John. Then found all his other stuff from years before. I have all his careers DVD's. And had the greatest of pleasure to meet him in person at Sunset on the Beach last year. He is so gracious to his fans, in giving then the greatest gift he can. That of his time. I even got in the mail a signed photo from him, because I forgot to ask him to put my name on the one he signed at SOTB. I hope his career lasts a long time. And bigger and better things come his way in the future.
He is like a great many actors these days from Australia making his name on the world circuit. And I for one wish him every success. He is after all a very humble man. He is not the usual Hollywood type actor. But a sometimes goofy down to earth guy, with a sense of humour all of his own.

Aside from the obvious - his gorgeousness and phenomenal physique, he's the most humble, kind, sweet, loving, funny, caring man. He absolutely adores his 3 kids. He loves his fans and is a champion of organ donation. He's got a killer smile, beautiful, soulful eyes and he can act. He's the complete package, the real deal. Love him.

Alex is such a handsome but kind person. He donates his time to worthwhile causes such as Donate Life and always has time for his fans. He comes from humble beginnings and doesn't take it for granted.

He plays all his roles with such passion and you only have to watch him in Criminal Minds S4 E22 'The Big Wheel' to see how much emotion this man can do. Over the 3 seasons of Hawaii Five-0 his talent has shone through and watching him as he finds out those secrets, you feel what he is feeling.

It does help he is very sexy and likes to show off his abs on a regular basis

He is an amazing actor, not stuck up or snobby. Alex has a real affection for his fans. He plays characters so well you get drawn in and want to help or be there for them. He is very versatile in his roles and takes them seriously, but is also a fun loving kind of guy. I miss him on Moonlight and Three rivers but he has hit Hawaii Five O right on the head. I loved the original but the newer version is perfect. I think he is highly under rated so please give him a good hard look and see what his fans see.

What could I add to what has already been said about this extremely talented, handsome, sexy guy! Yes we all wish we would know more about him and his family, but again that is something else that draws into this beautiful man. He is not only very easy on the eyes, but he does all he can for the community he lives and works in. It's not everyone that moves to live and work in Hawaii that is taken into the hearts and souls of all who aree native to the islands. Ys we would love to see him in big movies, but that would take him off our T.V. screens and to be honest, and this may sound greedy and selfish, but I prefer to be able to see him regularly on our T.V. screens than have to wait years to see him on the big screen.
Lots of massive hugs and kisses and Aloha from Ireland to you Alex and thanks for hotting up our T.V. screens every week...

I love Alex for the earthy downhome guy he appears to be! Not only is he the HOTTEST guy in Hollywood, he is so down to earth and gives back to the community of his adopted new home Hawaii. Beauty is on the inside as well as the outside and Alex clearly has both in spades. He is such a versatile actor, no 2 roles he has played are alike. Hollywood should open their eyes to this hidden treasure, I would pay to see him in anything and I know a lot of others would too.

He is not only the hottest man alive but he is also big into charity and loves his fans and he is a great actor. He can come and find me any day. I would love to just talk to him on the phone he is so down to earth and a great father. I love HIM SEXIEST MAN ALIVE

He has the smile that will melt your heart. Eyes to lose yourself in. A body to wrap your arms around and arms to wrap around you. He makes Hawaii 50 the hit that it is. I've enjoyed watching him on screen and dream of him off screen. He seems to be the total package.

In White Out, Alex plays an evil role, and this is when you can really appreciate his acting. The really good actors can play both roles-good and bad and make them believable. One of the best actors is Anthony Hopkins -bad guy role Cannibal and the good, thoughtful guy - The Edge/ I need to watch Alex's Criminal Law episode again... I still think his believable bad role was in White Out, and not the fat lover killer role... Maybe it was the movie / writers... Really stated my opinion here... He's a brilliant actor and I want him to star in the movie / screenplay I'm writing...

Alex is drop dead gorgeous, but he is also beautiful on the inside. To those who say that he is just a pretty face I think that they need to take a look at some of his other roles. In emotional scenes he is mesmerizing to watch because of the intensity he conveys. You can see this at times just by looking into those stunning eyes. You can see the layers of depth in those eyes.
Alex's fans (myself included) know that he is an underrated actor but hopefully someday he will get the respect he has clearly earned.

Alex is awesome, sweet very kind humble man. Loves his fans and is not full of himself, which makes him 100 times more sexy. He's approachable and kind and looks so hot with that five o'clock shadow. Light blue shirt, faded jeans, brown scruffy shoes, and that smile, those eyes, and pure sweeteness of a personality. And he is goofy, from what I can tell from photos, he seems like he loves to have good time and just chill and have fun, not uppity or snobby. We love you Alex for being YOU.

Alex is wonderful. He is a wonderful humble man who is not full of himself and enjoys interacting with his fans. He is very talented and of course very handsome, we ladies love that! But what really makes our hearts soar is his compassion, quirky sense of humor that comes across in silly photos, the time he takes to have photos taken with his fans, being approachable and a regular guy. I'll bet he is a riot to hang out with. Just so down to Earth, now that is what makes him real sexy, just him being real.

Alex is beautiful and he works a lot for his perfect body :P Like for Hawaii 5-0. He is a very good actor and I think a good father to.

Alex O'Loughlin is the most gorgeous actor I have seen yet, he has the most gorgeous eyes&is so athletic, the banter between McGarrett&Danny is hilarious, I'm addicted to Hawaii Five O. He is an amazing actor. I like the fact that he doesn't flaunt his private life. He's an Aussie, you can't get better than that, and I'm from Northern Ireland! Alex is talented&gorgeous, he knows it, but doesn't flaunt it, I'm very impressed by that. I would love to meet him&chat with him to get to know him.

Alex O'Loughlin is one of the most underrated actors out there. I think there are people who think someone as beautiful as him couldn't possibly be a good actor. They couldn't be more wrong. Alex becomes the characters he plays and he draws you in. He is also incredibly kind and generous with his fans and he gives a lot of himself for many charities.
There is no doubt that he is physically beautiful, but it is his inter beauty that makes him so appealing. I hope that he has a long sucessful career. I can't wait to see his star shine. He deserves it!

Alex is definitely one of the most underrated actors today. He has so much to offer in talent, good looks and more importantly being a kind, decent man who treats others with respect. He reaches out to his fans, is involved in worthy causes such as organ donation and yet manages to keep his family life close and personal. All around good guy! I hope only good things happen for him in the future.

I love Alex O'Loughlin in anything he does. He is a compassionate, hard working actor who gives to family and community. Others have said basically everything about him already. I'm so happy that his family comes first and foremost to him. Congrats Alex on making Hawaii Five-0 an excellent reboot of the original. Aloha!

Alex is truly an amazing actor, he ticks all the boxes for me. He brings each character he plays to life and makes them believable, which I find many other actors never seem to quite manage. Alex is good to his fans and never turns anyone away who wants to speak to him. He's also sexy and hot with or without clothes on. Aloha Alex xx

Alex is very down to earth guy. When takes on a role he studies for the role, make it his own. He really cares about his fans. He is a very private person, I like how he take care of his family, he does go showing them off all of the time like most actors do. He has a smile that can make you melt. I really love Hawaii 5-0.

Words can't describe how hot Alex O'Loughlin is. If you were to look up Sexy in the dictionary there would be a photo of Alex O'Loughlin there. Another sexy thing about Alex is that he has a Australian accent which makes his hotness level increase to infinity. EVERYBODY NEEDS TO VOTE FOR ALEX O'LOUGHLIN

I think this guy could play just about any male lead role, he becomes the character he plays, you see so many actors just go through the motions this guy give everything, he loves his fans. Would love to see him in a real challenging role in the near future. Go sexy x

Alex can act and is sexy with a heart of gold. Alex as mick St John was exciting and fun to watch. Alex makes Hawaii Five-0 edge of your seat action packed. I want to see Alex in a movie because he belongs on the
Big screen.

Why is this fantastic specimen of manhood not at the top of this list? He's beautiful and talented, yes, but most impressively, Alex conducts himself as a real, grown ass man should. He's classy, hardworking and delicious. Yep, sexy.