Daniel Henney


He's the most sexy man I've ever seen, with the hotter voice I've ever heard! Plus he's such a humble and down to earth man! Vote him

Gorgeous Korean/American actor Daniel has been in XMEN Wolverine, Shanghai Calling, The Last Stand, and much more! This 6'2 hottie deserves title of SEXIEST MAN Alive!

What can I say... The man is absolutely AMAZING! Not only is he good looking, he is down to earth, has a great sense of humor, and a beautiful heart! What more could you possibly ask for?! He works hard for what he loves and he kicks ass at it! He is sexy without even trying to be... It just comes naturally to him! In fact his sexiest side is when he is just being Daniel! Whether it's shooting hoops with his awesome manager/FRIEND Martin, chilling with his AMAZING parents, hiking with his beautiful Mango, or building a snowman with his pal Murphy... This man is SEXIEST Man in the World!

What is sexy in a man? Well there's the obvious and very stereotypical good looks, amazing body, great hair, etc. But what truly makes a man sexy are his actions. A man who takes care of himself as well as others. Speaks his mind against injustices, actively helps to save and change lives for the best, and all the while, inspiring others to do the same and has a smile on his face straight from his heart of hearts. That is Daniel Henney. The work he does with HSI International is beyond incredible. The work he does for the South Korean Children's hospital and other children's funds is beyond inspirational, it's life changing for the children and those who are touched through awareness. How Daniel has helped inspire Men's Golf in South Korea is amazing and fun.

Daniel Henney doesn't just show inner and outer strength, health and wellness, fitness, passion, compassion, authenticity, hard work, genuine care, wisdom, integrity, and love, and calls it a day. He LIVES these values ...more

No doubt! He is the sexiest man ever.. See him smile.. And GOD! You will seriously wish hard to make him yours.. I've been wishing for already 7 years.

He is such a versifier actor, one who makes you feel what his character is feeling. Not many actors have that sort of skills.
He is also someone who portrays a warmth and loving ness to him that seems to radiate from somewhere inside his soul.
That beautiful smile will make you smile even on your crappiest, gloomiest, saddest day ever. How can one look at Daniel Henney's wonderful smile and not smile back. He is someone, somewhere out there's reason to wake up each day and face it head on no matter what's in store.
He also has the worlds most loving and supportive parents ever. Daniel Henney and his family inspire me to emulate them each day with my family. To build loving, warm and fun memories for years to come.
This man is not only beautiful outside, he is beautiful at heart as well. Being handsome and sexy is just a bonus for him and his fans!

Hollywood & the world need genuine men (and women) with integrity and good character like Daniel Henney! I pray you continue to positively "INFECT" the world with your goodness!

He is most handsome person in the universe... Confident responsible, charming, family guy, attractive, good looking with a very beautiful voice. His performance in all his movie is just awesome.. Special seducing Mr. Perfect which was his first movie... Even I can't forget Agent Zero. I like that he attempt Comedy in shangai calling.. And also seen his new movie the last stand and one night suprise...
Frnds we can see his acting has been improved so much.. I know he always wanted to be as korean actor.. But we also wanted to see in more hollywood movies as lead role.. We hope he will get new projects in hollywood and korean movies.. Because fans r always waiting for his performance. Most best quality of him is that he is so familier to his loving fans.. He is very truthful from his heart.. He always speaks from his heart. He good very perfect height. At I can only say he deserve as being most sexiest man.

Korean blood mixed with American blood and you will get the sexiest man in the world! This guy always looks perfect.

I like him so much. Humble soul he's AMAZING!

Most handsome man in earth... (i am saying from my heart) stylish, lovable, admirable, confident, energetic, quite, focused, down to earth, attractive, respectable, true gentlemen, sensable, charming, kind hearted, responsible, every act he performance is just touchable to our heart. We always love to watch his movies, always finds him very intresting about his acting. The way he execute his dialoges is truly amazing. His voice made me crazy. He is not comparable with any man he is just the best. As professionally he is model and actor.. But he sing one song for his first movie in korean language.. Even though I don't understand korean but still enjoys his song.. I think songs don't have any language boundaries as it directly conect with people. I always love to se him in romantic movies.. All though he had attended comedy, action. But he is romantic guy which suits him a lot. I can't give him scores for being the best person.. If I had to give him number than it would be 100 trillons ...more

Daniel Henney is the best of East & West! Team Henney always!

He is amazingly down to earth, humble and sees himself as just one of the guys. He believes in giving 150% to all he does. He is in high demand for modeling but prefers to focus on acting. He rocked it as Agent Zero in Wolverine. He does a lot of charity work and loves animals. He is a spokesperson for PETA in Korea. Half-Korean, Half-Irish, he is the best of the melding of East meets West. He has a killer body which he maintains by running and lifting weights, besides playing most sports. Basketball is his favorite and he went to college on a basketball scholarship. He is pure hotness, yet charming and humble in person. Always gracious. He deserves to be #1 not only because if his smokin hot body, but also because he is a really great guy!

There is no doubt in my mind that Daniel Henney is a handsome and very sexy actor. However he is not all looks alone. He is a great actor who can make us feel for whatever character he plays, whether as a kickass bad guy or as a good guy, geeky or otherwise. Daniel is versatile and his passion for acting can only excel him further. He is charming and witty too. He is one of the few actors whom I enjoy watching being interviewed. Daniel Henney has certainly earned my respect and support! He is outstanding!

Daniel Henney.. I can't really describe him just with few adjectives, adverbs and few more words.
Simply put, he's way beyond words...
I admire him.
He's a warm-hearted, gentle, kind and generous person who is truly adorable more than simply being a sexy guy.
But, just to make it straight, I have to say he's super HOT indeed!

Everything that she said, he is the complete package, smart, talented, compassionate, sexy, attractive, stylish, good looking, tall and the list goes on and on.

Handsome men, number 1 in my heart

Most gorgeous, handsome, dandy, funny, humble & grounded celeb I've ever seen. Daniel deserves to be on the top ten.

No question he is the hottest man in the world both inside and out.

Daniel is a talented Actor and Model, yet humble, kind and caring. His parents adore him and he shows his love for them to the entire world. He loves and appreciates his fans. He is gorgeous, with a killer body. Which he keeps by working out every day. He gives 110% to everything he does. He has the biggest heart of anyone I know. And did I mention his body is to die for? He is Yummy! Um, um, um, he deserves to win!

I agree with everyone here! #1 in our hearts... A complete package! You just want to do everything in the world for him because he is such a humble and caring person! His parents have raised a wonderful human being (they are even more amazing) and I feel very blessed to be a part of his/their family! GOD Bless you all!

Daniel Henney is definitely the hottest man on earth! His gorgeous Face body and his killing smile is to die for "Melting"

He has such a sexy voice that you have to listen to everyday!

He cares about his fans.

He has a great sense of humor and very caring personality!

There are too many good things about him!

He is definitely number one!

Be sure to keep a look out for Daniel Henney! He's got two new international movies coming out: One Night Surprise (China / August 9) and The Spy: Undercover Operation (Korea / Sept. 2). Both movies look great and can hardly wait until his other international fans can watch/see both movies! Thanks for your continued support, Team Henney!

Aside from his good looks he is an inspiration for everyone else who has a dream. He has pursued his dream and worked towards achieving what he wanted and he has. He seems kind, caring and peaceful. I would love to confirm all that but he will always have my vote as I admire his dedication, determination and passion.

He definitely got my vote! I love him so much!