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Matthew Staton "Matt" Bomer is an American actor. He made his television debut with Guiding Light in 2001, and gained recognition with his recurring role in the NBC television series Chuck as Bryce Larkin.


Love Matt Bomer and his character Neil on White Collar. He has the most gorgeous eyes. Everything about him seems perfect. I was very lucky to meet him while I was in New York. He and the cast were on lunch break from filming down by the yacht marina I was just thrilled to catch a glimpse of him when my father-in-law goes over and asked if he would take a picture with me. Needless to say I was speechless when he got up and came over and took a picture with me. He is more handsome in person and so sweet. I hope he has continued success.

Matt is a smart, educated, multiple talented, diligent man. Plus his patience, his friendliness, his sense of humour, his charisma, make him stand out. And he is a caring parent and partner. As well, he is endowed with remarkable handsomeness. The whole "package" is just perfect. He definitely is one of Mother Nature's masterpieces. I love him.

I love Matt, he is sexy, charming, funny and absolutely gorgeous. He is a beautiful person inside and out and I would probably fall at his feet if I ever met him. Matt Bomer is a God and should most definitely be Christian Grey, he was born to play this role. I hope to see Matt in many leading roles in the future because he so deserves it. X

He is just amazing... Words can't describe how amazing he is. His smile is so cute. He is such a charitable person. He is perfect for 50 shades of grey as christian. He's got these most stunning blue eyes, the most gorgeous kissable lips, perfect cheeckbones. A body you would wanna hold on to forever and never let him go. Just like in the books fifty shades of Grey. Matt's has this beautiful personality. He cares a lot about the people around him, his nearest family, just like Christian Grey! I would be his submissive. If you watch White Collar you are instantly captivated by his sexy and some what of a mysterious eyed stare which is blue but changes from blue to gray, and all he has to do is show you that perfect teeth smile to make your heart stop and make you swoon like a 16 year old. Now, as for his acting he plays the memorable Neal Caffrey which is a sexy, confident, flirtatious con man but is also vulnerable and in search of his true identity at the same time. Of course ...more

When I first laid my eyes on the delectable I had to stop & make sure I breathed again. Matt Bomer is THE most beautiful man I have seen. His eyes are just dreamy... Anyone could get lost in them. Those lips... Well what more can I say, except that he does things to me just thinking about them. If anyone saw him in Magic Mike they could see that not only has he the most beautiful face, but that body... Well (pant! ). As far as all the Fifty Shades of Grey rumors, I could not think of anyone else that I would like to play the main lead character. To top it all off he can act. He is number 1 in my books... Just WOW!

I am new to the world of Matt Bomer I've just recently (months) become a HUGE fan. Yes he is handsome and sexy BUT, he can also act. He is old school because he brings class to his craft. Since being introduced to him (in the way of internet and television) I have seen what other women see in him which is he truly is my number one choice for the movie Fifty Shades of Grey. I have no doubt in my mind that if he is picked to play Christian Grey, the movie WILL be sold out quickly. On White Collar he is charming, sexy, funny AND he is a team player (he loves his co-workers. Thank you ladies for introducing him to me.

Gotta Love a fella born in Texas who makes good. Matt has overwhelmingly attractive looks, the sexiest mouth and eyes that penetrate the screen and grab your soul. I have enjoyed each and every performance I have seen of his from "Chuck", "White Collar", "The New Normal" and "Glee" to "Magic Mike". Personally, his sexual preferences do not matter to me. I focus on his prime skills as an actor and I look forward to seeing him in more shows. I have been crossing my fingers that he be cast as Christian Grey for the "50 Shades of Grey" Series. Bravo, sir!

Matt Bomer is the most beautiful man I've ever seen in my life! Perfection can be exist thanks to him. He's full of qualities: he's handsome, smart, polite, elegant, intelligent, charismatic, clever, funny, sexy, sweet and so on... They're too much and not enough to describe this wonderful man. Can we talk about his great talent? He can act, sing and dance very well! If you have to talk about his sensuality you could write a book! He's look is magnetic.. He has two blue eyes in which you can mirror. He's smile is fatal...
In Magic Mike you can admire his perfect body and above all his sensuality...
What can I also say? He deserves the first position because you can't find other sexy men different from him! He's the only one. - rossellafazzari

Not only is Matt absolutely stunning, he is one of the greatest people I've ever heard of. He has such an amazing personality. He's intelligent, nice, humble, witty, funny, and charming! He also supports so many charities! Matt can sing, act, and dance as well. He's a great father, husband, and person in general. These are only a few of the reasons why I consider Matt Bomer my role model and inspiration.

This is the whole package! He has incredible male beauty, personality, and charm. He's funny, but so down-to-earth. He truly appears to care about others, and always seems to have a few minutes to spend with his fans. I appreciate his talent as well as his looks. Whether he is stripping for the camera, or stealing a priceless work of art, he always gives 110% to his roles. And oh boy, is he sexy!

Where to begin? Shiny gorgeous lock of thick brown hair, stunning piercing blue eyes, full kissable lips, chiseled jaw, a torso that would out do michelangelo's David. A fit toned & totally to die for body.. Even his feet are sexy! And has the personality to match! Kind caring, funny he is beauty personified!

I love Matt Bomer I think he is a great actor, he is smart handsome the most beautiful eyes I for me he is Christian Grey I think all the roles he has played can prove that, he has the perfect body he is fit, he is just a perfect, a caring father & partner and in many of interviews he has given he is always show passion about the role he play he is my Mr Perfect Matt Bomer love him :D

Easy on the eyes, a great guy, awesome to his fans, there are not enough words to put down here to say way Matt should be put down as number one. I would travel to New York just to have to walk all over to meet him. He is clearly a great father and does everything he can for his kids. He plays great roles and give everything he's got to them. As Neal he is great. Along side Tim they are the best pair on T.V.. I would never think of watching this show on demand must be there on the first run. Matt is the best. Can hardly wait to see him as Christain Grey

Simply irresistible, I was channel surfing one time when I chanced upon Matt Bomer flashed on T.V. screen and I said who is this good looking man so I watched the entire episode of White Collar and from then on I became his silent admirer. I saw a lot of Hollywood actors on T.V. and movies and they all look handsome, but I find Matt different, he's not only good looking but a good actor too. He portrayal as Neil Caffrey suits him well. He is a good con artist and at the same time a person with a good heart.

Aside from his beautiful face and body, he is charismatic and charming. He also has a wonderful sense of humor and is a kind person--to his beautiful family, his co-workers on White Collar, and to his fans and those in need through his support of several charities. Also, no one wears clothes as well as he does. From plain slacks or jeans to a tuxedo, he has the perfect man's shape. Incidentally he looks just as good or better out of his clothes--sensual but fun at the same time. On top of all this, he is highly intelligent and articulate.

Nobody could be compared to him! He's just the sexiest man I've seen. His eyes, his glance, all about him drives crazy! He demostrates class and elegance, even a great heart and intelligence. Suits were created for him. He looks so sexy every time he wears them. He's only the perfect man in the eyes of anybody. And, as an actor he shows all his potential. And if you ever haven't heard him sing, you should. His voice is like him, BEAUTIFUL!

By looking at his eyes, you will be able to find how charmed, sweet, wise, and sincere he is. Not to mention that his character Neal in White Collar really explain why he is such an attractive person. I wish Matt can be seen more widely, not a stereotype image of smart pretty boy (though he really is! ). Wish to see him in more different type of movie or drama.

Matt is the perfect package. He looks amazing and he is such a lovely person. And he so loves his children and I think that makes him more beautiful, inside and out. And he is the only person (to me) That is Christian Grey, when I read it I see him always. So all in all this man is PERFECTION in itself x

There are actors that are handsome, talented, witty etc. But Matt Bomer is all rolled into one. He is otherworldly handsome, like he was sculptured or something, and then is so articulate, intelligent, and a really fine fine actor. And then like that wasn't enough he sings pretty darn well. But what I love above all else is his sincerity that shines through.

Matt is one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen, you could literally drown in those eyes and his character of neal caffrey in white collar combines danger, mystery and sensitivity in just the right measure as to make you fall in love with him. If he was my mr grey I would let him do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted and I'm sure that's an opinion shared by thousands of women worldwide. My vote is for matt all the way...

He is so beautiful in every way: not just in looks, but also his personality and character. Even if he prefers men I still finds him so sexy. I am obsessed with him. I go on Facebook just to see pictures of him and I'll even choose to get the night off instead of working to watch the syndication of White Collar or watch the shows three times in one week on its regular season. I see so many women crazy over him on Facebook!

Matt Bomer is the most amazing talented and fan-nominal actor. His blue eyes are so stunning I can't believe it. This man is so nice, kind, humble, sweet, funny, good looking (handsome). He truly is a fantastic actor and deserves the best parts in any movie but whatever parts he gets he makes that part worth wild, entertaining, and captivating.

Matt is going to be a legendary actor down the road... Mark my words. No one has the combination of his acting skills, his personality, charisma, expressive face, and amazing body language. Matt's athletic, slim, well-proportioned body is like a breath of fresh air amongst all the other over-muscled, beef-cakey actors we see these days.
Looking forward to seeing him playing amazing characters on the big screen. He is truly one of a kind... And one in a zillion!

Matt is beautiful, charming and a brilliant actor, he is my perfect choice to play Christian Grey in the long awaited fifty shades trilogy movies, he has the looks and can certainly give sexy smiles. This could be great for his career, love him to bits.

Matt's a fantastic actor with a fantastic singing voice, he was amazing in Magic Mike. He is good looking and has a sweet nature and great personality, he would be an excellent choice for the role of Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie as I picture him when reading the books as the enigmatic Mr Grey.