Richard Armitage


I have been thoroughly captivated by this incredibly gifted, thoughtful actor since I first laid eyes on him. Richard Armitage possesses a unique combination of talent, grace, physical beauty, and a powerful magnetism that radiates from within. Once he appears on screen, he draws one into his performance, and it's difficult to notice anyone or anything else. THAT is a remarkable skill! He is definitely not just another pretty face. The fact that he seems to be a genuinely humble and kind person in real life makes him even more lovable! I should also mention that he has the most exquisite, deep, masculine voice I have EVER heard. His narrated audiobooks are a dream to listen to and a genuine treat.

Smouldering, elegant, strong, intelligent, intense. As Peter Jackson says, he can do a great deal with stillness, yet he has an powerful physicality and a voice like melted chocolate. He's so talented, every character is distinct, and he's absolutely gorgeous.

He's a gifted and talented actor, and takes his craft seriously -- as evident in all the preparations he makes for each role. He is also a very intelligent man - in all his interviews, he always carefully considers each question posed to him and gives well thought out answers. He's also very humble, and is admittedly grateful for each and every opportunity that comes his way. And, he's extremely easy on the eyes. Sexiest man in my book!

He is a true gentleman and a truer man. I first discovered this beautiful man when I heard The Hobbit would become a movie trilogy. Ever since then, I watched everything he was in and never looked back. Richard Armitage puts his everything into his work and is good and kind to everybody he meets. He is an amazing role model to live your life inspired by; he is humble, kind, considerate and gallant. He also has a quiet wit in which he may not say much, but everything he does say is pure quality.
Now, that's his personality and character boasted about, but in terms of his looks and voice! Oh, I can't talk about it without smiling dizzily. He is just majestic. And there's one question I could never answer, 'does he look better with a full beard, stubble or clean shaved? ' he looks gorgeous in anything. THAT VOICE! So deep and the amount of emotion he puts in it when he's acting!
He's given me the inspiration for ideas of my future career. To be a story teller-whether it's acting or ...more

It is a hard thing to find in my opinion, a man that is sweet, considerate, shy and talented; but who is also tempered with passion and charm. Eyes are the windows to the soul, and his are intelligent, but soft. His smile is infectious, and cheering. His overall personality is humbling. And his talent is inspiring. Richard Armitage is number one. At least in my opinion anyway.

Richard Armitage embodies the ideal of a real man. He is ruggedly good looking, humble yet humorous, takes his craft seriously but not himself, is ever quick to compliment his peers, gives his characters depth and dignity and seems to be a perfect gentleman. There would be so much to add, but it would take too much space!

He is the talent of the cinema! I mean, seriously. He has such talent that he is brilliant when acting. Watching his movies or series makes you cry or laugh... He is a fantastic actor, THE MOST WONDERFUL OF THE WORLD... Moreover he is humble, shy and charismatic man. He has everything and I really wish him the best of this world. Just another thing to underline. He's like an anti-depressive because he makes my hard days enjoyable but above all he saved me from depression and I will always thank him for this... I SIMPLY LOVE RICHARD! He shall be the sexiest man of the Earth

He's classically handsome, a great actor, and seems like a decent human being - which appears to be pretty rare in show business.

Richard goes beyond just physical attractiveness. It's not just about the handsome face, but the handsome person within, a consummate professional, and yet coming across as very modest and very humane. A man of many talents (how many instruments was that, again? ), a man with a sense of humour, a beautiful man.

Richard has the most incredible smoulder and body language. He uses exquisite details in his portrayal of characters - making it possible to see feelings/motivations before the dialogue has been spoken. Of course there's the surface stuff - he's stunningly gorgeous, tall, fit, moves with grace. But there's more which makes him 'the whole package': he is a man of integrity, intelligence, compassion, humour, bravery and generosity. He's a good guy who looks like every flavour of delicious you could ever want.

A hugely talented actor whose presence is naturally commanding. He is versatile and thorough in his acting and manages to communicate complex and conflicted feelings to the audience. He is very humble about his talents but also about his good looks which are quite honestly out of this world.

Yes he is handsome, but the sexiest part of Richard Armitage is his brain: the one that keeps on producing brilliant performance after brilliant performance. There are few actors who have such a range of talents. Apart from the beautiful speaking and singing voice, the dancing (which I wish we could see more of), the physical presence and the proficiency in more than one musical instrument, there is the complexity and variety he gives to his characters. He is totally magnetic on screen and, I am sure he will still be at the top of his profession long after others have been forgotten.

Richard is one the most down to earth and humblest actor that I know. He is not only handsome and very intelligent but he is as much of a gentleman as you can find nowadays. He is truly a nice guy and remains that way after success. He's very talented and very believable as an actor. Everything about him is perfect!

He is talented and sexy. When you see him in his projects you see the character and not him and that is what I believe makes him one of the best actors in the industry.

Richard is - in my opinion - the sexiest man alive, and he's an amazingly talented actor. I think he gets more handsome with age! And it's not only his looks, also his voice and his personality. He's perfect in every way! He will always be number one for me.

Richard Armitage is a talented man that enjoys his work. He is beautiful and able to perform characters that are deeply complex.

He's a lovely and wonderful man! He is so amazingly talented that I end up going through all emotions in just a short amount of time. He makes me laugh, cry and sigh in equal measure. He's unfailingly kind and good-hearted and that more than anything makes him so deserving of the top 10. Love you Richard! Hope you receive every good thing in life!

He is a beautiful person inside and out. Gorgeous yet humble, self-effacing, unbelievably talented, intelligent, compassionate and kind. He lights up my life on a daily basis. In my humble opinion he is THE sexiest man in the world!

Richard looks wonderful no matter if he's in a period drama like North and South, an action series like Strike Back and MI5, a family show like Robin Hood or under prosthetics in the Hobbit. His eyes show his soul.

Enormously talented and kind and yet one of the humblest people I think I've ever seen. Stop it, you, you're talented and attractive. Accept your fate.

Adorable, handsome, and charismatic. I can't think of anyone better.

An amazing talented actor who just happens to be modest and smoking hot! Perfection right there!

Just because he is seriously as talented as handsome! He is such a great human being, shy and humble even if he has all the reasons not to be.
His characters are awesome because he gives them proof and intensity. He is always passionate and he shares this passion with us giving us a better world.
His eyes are simply incredible, overwhelming by their beauty and all the things you can see on them. His smile, his lips, his nose, his body are simply perfect... Don't know what to add because seriously, he is the best, that's all!

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The most amazing man and actor. He plays all his characters with a real passion. For one so talented, his humality amazes me. He has the most mesmerising eyes that see deep into your soul.