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Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan, credited as Salman Khan, is an Indian film actor, producer, singer and television personality.


Salman Khan is the Best Actor & King of All Time Blockbusters and Super hits Films in Indian Cinema. He is ruling the Bollywood Industry from past 23 years and he is on Top through all these Years. He has played a variety of Roles in different genres of Cinema like Romance, Comedy, Drama, Action, Emotions. He has been voted as 5th best looking Man in the World and 1st Best Looking Man in Asia in Times Magazine. He is very Handsome, with a Killer Smile & Great Physique. He has started the trend of Body Building and the whole concept of being Super-Fit in the Glamour Industry of India & has become a Role Model for all the new Actors. He is Great Human Being, which can be said because he does a a lot of charity through his foundation - BEING HUMAN. He is always giving a breakthrough to a lot of Talented New Comers like Actresses, Actors, Musician, Lyricist, Singer, and a lot of Technicians. He is still the Most Eligible Bachelor of Bollywood and looks only 30 at an age of 46. When he ...more

In 2004, PEOPLE Magazine of USA (The world's most popular magazine) declared Salman Khan the most handsome man in Asia and 7th in the world. But Salman is undoubtedly the sexiest man in the world with his magnificent personality, tough physic but sweet face; Even though he never claims like he is King like other self proclaimed stupid Kings, he is the one who rule's people's heart with his films, performances, and with his Golden heart; all entertainment lovers, noble & honest people will feel proud to salute Salman The Emperor of Indian Cinema and undoubtedly the role model of every youth who wants to be fit, handsome and hit.

Salman Khan is 'Most Wanted Khan' in Bollywood Industry For Any Of Directer. Not Only in India, He has a large Number of FAN FOLLOWING from Other Countries Too. In 2007, it was declared that SALMAN KHAN is The Number One Handsome Man in India & also that time it was also declared that He is The Number Seven Handsome Man All Over The World. Mostly, he known because of his well fitted Muscular Body. He has The Power of Kindness, Big Heart Man, Helping Others, etc.
The Salman Khan Foundation- "Being Human", is a registered charitable trust setup by Salman Khan for helping the cause of the underprivileged. It has two focus areas - education and healthcare. These are the Big Reasons why I & All Others' Fans are Die-Heart Fan Of "SALMAN KHAN. "

Salman Is the Best in the whole world.. And he is the sexiest man ever.. Salman khan is the king of All time blockbuster movies.. He is the real king of bollywood.. And the king of Action in bollywood.. Salman Rocks..

Salu Bhai is the sexiest actor, best actor in the all over world movies organizations I. E bollywood, hollywood, tollywood, ollywood etc, and also he is a perfect man and also he is very very helpful for the poor or any person need help, I am big fan of salu bhai I can give my life for salu bhai and also I decided that when salu bhai will marry then after I will marry.. Otherwise not... I love you too much salu bhai and I wish to your movie EK the TIGER will be super duper hit in 2012.. It must.. By by salu bhai take care yourself...

He is a guy with a golden Heart. He is a guy who have his own attitude to build himself in the film industry. The best part of him is that he live life as the common men lives. Obviously is he a good looking guy, helpful with his nature and the perfect attitude with the different situation. He is the best.

He Is The Name Is Enough in Bollywood The Real Lover Boy Of The Industries The Wanted Dabangg Bodyguard always ready for standing for he's fans and friends the real being human and owner of Bong Human Charity He is not just an actor the amazing personality in India he is the one introduce the body building in India and The Industry :) and he is The Only Indian Super Star Who Give 6 All Time Blockbuster Movies he is the real king of the Bollywood and he is the Strongest and Big fan Following in India and he is name also in Guinness record book too maximum kissed by a celebrity in hand and he is always a life time rock-star :) no one can touch hem in he's fan following way

I never do these online things to vote for "sexist person" or whatever it gets called, but for Salman I will. What makes Salman so attractive is not just his adorable looks and enchanting eyes, but the traditional values he upholds. Family unity, good manners, respect for elders, respect for women, and a kind and giving nature, and love of children, all traits are hard to find these days. He deserves all the accolades that come with just being himself, but carrying on his legacy of kindness& charity will be our biggest honor of him.

He is certainly one of the most handsome on earth. His persona, pleasing personality, incomparable charm, dashing body, humble nature, penetrating eyes and the fact that he is so down to earn and a helpful human being makes him stand out of the rest. :D He truly deserves to have his name in this list. A man is known not only by his physical appearance but only the warmth in his heart and affection towards others so Mr. Salman has to be the most sexiest man on earth. Three cheers for him.

Nt even in Bollywood... He is d star veather it is Bollywood or Hollywood, where he stands he shine so bright that rest people looks nothing in front of him, not even looks.. His personality style everything is such a wonderful that after every film all the fans and non fans of him started copying him just to look different and cool.. That's his personality that everyone just not like him love him... He is a true human, BEING HUMAN...!

Salman khan is the man with an unbelievable charismatic power, a great performer, a god of entertaintment world, a good human, a golden by heart, one man army in Bollywood, dabangg by nature in both on screen and off screen, star with a powerful fan following, a star with a huge mass apeeal, a star with a powerful attitude, a heart of ladies and IDOL of jents... Even an epic will be less to explain about salman khan... I simply says that salman is my IDOL, god bless him alws

No shahrukh, no other star, just salman

Salman Khan has a beauty that is within him as well as without. He is not only a beautiful face and body (although he does have this), but he has such an incredible beautiful Heart and Soul that it makes my Heart fill with so much love for him whenever I see a photo of him or think of him. A body and face is not the only thing that makes a man sexy, the Love and Light in his Heart and Soul and the kind deeds that he does makes Salman Khan the sexiest man on this Planet. :-)

I don't care who says what, none can be perfect., but MA HANDSOME, being a megastar has managed to remain such a real, straight forward, honest and truthful man & he can definitely be considered something close to being a perfect human, at least... If not more than that. MA HANDSOME is real, this man is real and pure. You can just see it in the eyes, in the laugh and you can feel it with your heart that this man is innocent. He's just the strong man with a softie softie heart.

He was, He is and he will be the best looking guy from India, because His good from heart and best looking as well, So can 1 man have this both the qualities? Yes Salman Has and that's y we have to vote him.

Simply the best! Hottest, handsome, sexiest, coolest man in the world! Salman khan simply rocks the nation! His one look is enough for his fans! People go crazy for him! He is the heart of the Indian nation and many other nations! His fans following is much more than any other actor in this world! He dated some of the beautiful girls in the world and he is still dating the hottest, gorgeous, sexiest girl in the world Katrina Kaif! This guy is born talented and god gifted. He can dance really really good. He has the best body in the Bollywood right now even though he is 47. He looks like 32! He is a wonderful man and he has a golden heart! GOd Bless our sallu mia and I wish him good luck in his future and stay healthy!

Salmaan is a great human being with a very big heart who is always ready to help a any needy person specially children who need's education. In simple words Salmaan is an angel sent to earth to be a Guardian Angel to those homeless children in our country. He truly understands the meaning of giving and being nice to everyone just with a great smile he has... This Angel will always be blessed by the Dear lord.. He has indeed made a lot of us proud with his actions... He is the most elegant, smartest, truly awesome and handsome human being.. An Angel with a diamond heart... May god bless him forever and ever... Sonya Punjabi

As an actor he added a lot to the industry by his amazing movies in addition he got the most amazing body figures in the intior industry of Bollywood and he was the first Indian actor who maintained his body and face image.
Salman has got a big heart which turned to start his charity work agency (Being Human) which supports the poor and homeless childs.
Salman is known about his continues support to the new comer to industry.

After all he is the most wanted single MAN

Salman Khan is complete entertainer! A one man army! Ruling heart for more than 2 decades. A blend of everything that a girls desire for. Perfect body, great looking face, a heart of gold and a human being! He is a perfect definition not only for Sexiest Men, but the most sexiest human on earth. Allah bless him!

Undoubtedly he is the sexiest and was the sexiest man I've ever seen. Even at the age of 47, women crave for him and the way he carries off himself is truly magnificent. He can wear pink jeans or red colored jeans and carries off with ease. If the same attire is worn by somebody else, they look like a joker. He is the ultimate hunk and quintessentially handsome

Salman khan the sexiest guy in the world. He is the most sexy actor I have come across in bollywood from years and now I feel that he is the best in the world!

Undoubtedly he is the most sexiest and the most handsome person in the world and ever will be. He is king of action in the Bollywood. There is no one in the world who is more good looking than him. He has the best body in the world. He is 47 years but he looks younger than all the actors who are under 34 years old. He can do action way better than anyone, he can dance reaaly good and he can romance really good. He is undoubtedly the best human being in the world right now. He is god gifted. He is dating the hottest girl on the planet right Now (Katrina Kaif) He is the king of the kings.

He is the man... HE is the true Super Star. King of Indian Film industries.

Salman is very good person with golden heart. I love salman

He is the best action, I have ever seen and also a great man(Being HUMAN)

Salman khan one of the best
He look handsome personality and when he wear a suit so there is only one man in party that is salman the tiger.