Top Ten Sexiest Michael Jackson Music Videos

Which video did the king of pop look so sexy handsome and cool?
The Top Ten
1 In the Closet

I love that music video. Naomi Campbell is very pretty but she's also not a nice person. Michael Jackson had touched her more than she touches him.

It's the sexiest music video (erotic) by Michael Jackson, is the first that should have been included in this list. It is my preferido. Michael I love you!

He was just so sexy in this video I wish I was naomi they looked really sexy together

I think he looks very sexy. He just oozes all sexiness like he always dose.

2 Give In to Me

This video surely remains imprinted in your mind. It's different.

I love him in this video.. he's so hot and knows how to sex it up! love you michael

Hot and sexy at the same time

He's hott in black so sexy

3 Dirty Diana

I love this video. I love the way he looks in that white button and he dose that striptease..

His energy in this song is just... Ugh. THIS is sexy!

I love this song.

Lyrics are sexy too!

4 The Way You Make Me Feel

This video and this song are sexy. Especially the way you make me feel live at Wembley stadium
Michael you are cool.

Him and tatiana had such chemistry. When I look at them their eyes just look like, I wanna bang you

This video is so cute and very hot. He wants that girl. He,s trying to get her attention.

Those dance moves at the end are just wow! Sexy.

5 Blood On the Dance Floor

Michael is at his fiercest in this video. A real thriller. Like fire, red-blooded, and hot as ice. He will kill you and chill you with his sex.

The definition of perfection and sexiness! Very sexy and hot! My beloved man!

I love this video, it is full of energy, sex, love, passion.

His is the best ever the tap dancing

I love this video he is very very sexey

6 Remember the Time

That kiss, hmmm... and the way he look at the queen, the way he smiles in that video, oh God, so sexy.. Not to mention the dancing! Such an energy! I can't stop looking at him and think, man, you are so hot.

this one is the best at everything... MICHAEL JACKSON THE KING OF MUSIC

this video is the best ever... michael plus ancient egypt.. wow wow wow


7 You Are Not Alone

I love to see him naked that is sexy

Video is a romantic and sensual.

You can see his feet.

My name is melissa jackson I want michael jackson to come to sleep with me in my bedi love this song you are not alone it made me cry my am alone

8 They Don't Care About Us

He looks so cute in this
Video! Mj you are an angel face! The cutest person EVER!

9 You Rock My World

this video is so good and michael is great in it...

10 Beat It
The Contenders
11 Smooth Criminal

Mj is and will always be the greatest entertainer

Love this song the most

12 We Are the World
13 Billie Jean

. What can I say about this video. One of my favorite mj song. I love it when he dose it live on stage. So sexy and hot. He oozes sex sex. He,s very sexy without trying. Very hot.

14 Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

He looks so cute in this video. Looks like he should be going his high school prom. Whatta cutipie. I love you mj.

15 Bad

Who,s bad. And oh so sexy.

16 Black or White
17 Rock With You

His voice is WONDERFUL I can't stop listening to it

Favorite song

18 Come Together

Amazing song, just feel it

19 Thriller

He is sooo seeexyyy in this video I love when he turns into the Werewolf.
The way he says "I'm not like other guys... No, I mean I'm different" ihhh I love it

I love you so much Michael Jackson

I love this video. He looks so hot in red.

20 Scream

Futuristic Michael with Janet as a bonus

21 The Lady In My Life

So soothing and sensual

22 Break of Dawn

Just listen to it... your understand...

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