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41 Kylie Minogue - Where Is The Feeling?

What an Art... Now I like to be Sexy and swim :D

Gorgeous Woman and so Hypnotic!

Damnn This video is so Hot... I MEAN KYLIE IS HOT :P
She makes you want to swim with this hot gorgeous stunning woman :D

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42 Robbie Williams - Feel
43 Marques Houston - Naked
44 Akhasmak Ah - Nancy Ajram
45 Not Myself Tonight - Christina Aguilera
46 Agoul Ahwak - Haifa Wehbe
47 Right There - Nicole Scherzinger
48 Tina Turner - What's Love Got To Do With It
49 Blondie - The Hardest Part
50 Nicki Minaj - The Boys

Is so beast love you nicki

Nicki is so sexy:$$

51 Satisfaction - Benny Benassi
52 Cher - If I Could Turn Back Time
53 Spice Girls - Headline
54 Madonna - Take a Bow
55 Kylie Minogue - Slow
56 Marilyn Manson - (s)AINT

an unbelievably sexy video from marilyn manson.. ;) - scatsmith

Marilyn Manson is such one of the most beautiful man

Love this song and the video.

57 50 Cent - Candy Shop
58 Cool For The Summer - Demi Lovato
59 Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
60 Michael Jackson - In the Closet

Simply an awesome video filled with lust featuring two beautiful sex symbols:Michael Jackson and Naomi Campbell

I love the music video. It has a great beat and sexy rhythm. Michael and Naomi were flawless. - Draco

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