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21 Love to Love You Baby - Donna Summer V 2 Comments
22 Kids - Robbie Williams
23 Miss America - Nick Carter

The perfect anthem for any hot-blooded males out there with a desire for a beautiful woman. This song hits you from the start with a sexy tune coupled with sexy lyrics. - Castiel

Glad to see this song in the top 10 but I think it should higher. The tune, beat, lyrics, singing - everything is SEXY.

this song is obviously the sexiest one by the sexiest man nick carter

Great choice. Almost all the songs in this list are GOLD. (Except for the spammer who keeps putting in Lady Gaga songs)

24 Superman - Eminem
25 Me & U - Cassie

It's SEXY from start to finish. Everything about it is hot. It has one of the SEXIEST Beats ever. Sang by a SEXY singer with a low, SENSUAL voice. The next time you listen to this song, pay attention to the lyrics and you will see how dirty and subtle it is. Plus, the music video is a turn-on too! It is sexy personified. Seriously, can anything beat this? - Castiel


Music Viagra, this song is.

26 Soldier of Love - Sade
27 Lovelight - Robbie Williams

He is one hell of a sexy man and this song is very sexy indeed!

One of the most sexiest songs ever

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28 Feelin' Love - Paula Cole

At the second-half of the song she's practically doing it while singing. That's how hot it is. - Castiel

A good, simple, straight forward way to say how horny you are thanks to the one next to you.

29 Video Phone - Beyonce
30 I Know What You Want - Busta Rhymes & Mariah Carey

Sexiest Hip-Hop song to date. And the sexiest duet. - Castiel

it is hip-hop but somehow it's classy N sexy

31 Wanting You - Deja Voodoo Spells

This rock song is a masterpiece. It's haunting, sexy and intoxicating at the same time. Really hot. - Castiel

Totally agree. sexy to the core...

Yes, definitely the most sexiest song ever, I love this song..

This has 2 B number 1. First time I heard it, I got wet.

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32 Rude Boy - Rihanna

I'm 15, and I love to masturbate to this song. And I also love to imagine a sexy guy having sex with me. While licking me all over my body especially my vulva, breasts and stomach.

33 I Want Your Sex - George Michael
34 Lay It On Me - Kelly Rowland
35 Sexy Can I - Ray J
36 Don't Cha - Pussy Cat Dolls

This is hot but buttons should be on the list too

F@@@king SEXY! Both song and artist!

Too sexy to be in number 45 como on people¡¡ let's vote this song. So hot. Don't cha wish your girlfriend...

37 Pony - Ginuwine

deserves to be in the top 5. it is different and sexy as hell. - BRom4

Should be number 1

Should be no. 1... the most sexiest song ever¡¡¡

38 Gimme More - Britney Spears

Yeah this is hot. Why is Pokerface in the list?

Should be No. 1. The sexiest dance song ever. - BRom4


39 Gloomy Sunday - Heather Nova

I know not many people know this song but give it a try and get educated to what real sexy actually is.

If there's an award for the sexiest classy and elegant song, this one will take the cake. - Castiel

40 Promiscuous - Nelly Furtado & Timbaland

I can't believe this is so low. THIS SONG IS PURE GENIUS. Timbaland made a conversation between two people into a song and the result is the sexiest song ever composed.

Why isn't this in the top 3? If it's a sexy song that you want, then look no further. This is it.

Agreed. THIS should be in top ten at least.

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