Top Ten Sexiest Things About Elsa from Frozen


The Top Ten

1 Her hips

You have some serious autistic cancer - SirSkeletorThe3rd

This list is perverted and crazy. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

This list made me gouge my eyes out

How many drugs again?

V 6 Comments
2 The way she walks

What is wrong with u

3 She is skinny V 2 Comments
4 Her blue dress V 2 Comments
5 Her face V 1 Comment
6 Her hair V 1 Comment
7 Her lips V 1 Comment
8 Her eye color V 1 Comment
9 Her makeup

It makes her uglier than she was. Weird list - MLPFan

What is wrong with u

10 Her shoes

What is wrong with u


I'll see myself out. - keycha1n

The Newcomers

? Her bare feet

I'd love to lick and tickle her feet to cheer her up, make her happy and laugh whenever she feels sad, depressed, horrible, terrible, awful, guilty and bad.

(Ticklishly licked all over Elsa's bare soles of her bare feet and toes in order to cheer her up by making her happy and uncontrollably giggle and laugh hysterically)

(Tickling writing on Elsa's soles of her feet and toes cause her to giggle and laugh)

I'd love to kiss her soles of her feet.

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The Contenders

11 Her personality V 2 Comments
12 Her magical ice, snow powers

This isn't sexy at all

What is wrong with u


13 Her tears V 1 Comment
14 Her eyes

Her eyes are beautiful, aren't they?

15 Her singing voice V 1 Comment
16 Her green dress V 2 Comments
17 Her speaking voice V 2 Comments
18 Her legs V 1 Comment
19 Her bum
20 Her boobs
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