Top Ten Sexiest Women Golfers

The Top Ten

1 Natalie Gulbis

The absolute hottest gal on the circuit. I just wish she would start playing better so we could see more of her on camera!

2 Paula Creamer

She is way sexier then other women golfers especially Natalie gulbis for sure.

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3 Michelle Wie

She has a great body and plays really good golf. She is open minded and speaks out her mind.

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4 Anna Rawson
5 Grace Park
6 Cristie Kerr
7 Carin Koch
8 Sophie Sandolo
9 Lorena Ochoa
10 Paula Marti Zambrano

The Contenders

11 Lexi Thompson
12 Sandra Gal

Its an absolute travesty that Sandra isn't number 1 on this list, let alone not on it at all. What a joke!

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