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1 Samus Aran (Metroid) Samus Aran (Metroid) Samus Aran is the protagonist of the Metroid science fiction action-adventure game series by Nintendo. V 2 Comments
2 Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers) Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers) Morrigan Aensland is a video game character from the Darkstalkers series of fighting games by Capcom, introduced in Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors in 1994.
3 Phosphora (Kid Icarus Uprising)
4 Carmelita Fox (Sly Cooper)

I remember her being one of my first crushes as a kid, with that sexy Spanish accent and tight clothing. - DarkMorn

Dude it's a fox. Who on earth would wanna screw a fox?

5 Christie Monteiro (Tekken)
6 Mai Shiranui (King of Fighters) Mai Shiranui (King of Fighters)
7 Chun-li (Street Fighter) Chun-li (Street Fighter)
8 Princess Peach (Mario Franchise) Princess Peach (Mario Franchise) Princess Peach is a major character in the Mario Bros. Franchise. She is usually the character who needs saved in most Mario Games, but also has appeared as a playable character in the Main-Series Mario Games, including Super Mario 3D World, Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Run, and even starred in more.
9 Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) Lara Croft is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Square Enix video game franchise Tomb Raider.
10 Princess Ferne (Little King's Story)

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11 Elena (Street Fighter III)
12 Poison (Final Fight/Street Fighter x Tekken)

To me Poison will always be a woman and I don't care what the guys at Capcom or anyone else thinks. - ZZDOORAL

I'm up voting because a women with a penis is one of the sexiest things ever to me

Sadly after they announced she had a penis I still thought he/she was sexy...

13 Princess Zelda (Legends of Zelda) Princess Zelda (Legends of Zelda) Princess Zelda is a fictional character in Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda video game series, created by Shigeru Miyamoto and introduced in its original entry in 1986.
14 Ivy (Soul Calibur)
15 Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)
16 Amazon Pandora (Kid Icarus Uprising)
17 Yuko Ahso (Valis)
18 Reika Kirishima (Time Gal)
19 Clara Hananokoji (Power Instinct)
20 Athena (Psycho Soldiers)
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1. Mai Shiranui (King of Fighters)
2. Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers)
3. Christie Monteiro (Tekken)
1. Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers)
2. Samus Aran (Metroid)
3. Dark Queen (Battletoads)
1. Samus Aran (Metroid)
2. Chun-li (Street Fighter)
3. Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)

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