Top Ten Sexy Things Girls Do Without Realizing It


The Top Ten

1 Play With Their Hair
2 Laugh

Don't both boys and girls laugh? - Minecraftcrazy530

Yes both do, but it looks sexy when girls do it. I never said that the list is about the things that ONLY girls do. - winner333

It's not very sexy to be honest

3 Bite Their Lips

Especially when they're staring right at you when they do that

4 Smile

As long as it's a real smile. It's sexy in more ways than just 'physically attractive'

5 Tie Up Their Hair
6 Stretch
7 Be Funny

I'm funny (sometimes) but I don't want to be sexy! - RiverClanRocks

It is a huge turn on when a girl is funny. - winner333

8 Behave Strong and Confident
9 Bend Down to Pick Up Things

AAA oh exactly?

10 When They're Angry

Come on don't tell me this ain't good well its scary thinking what their gonna do but their looks is what matters

The Contenders

11 Dance


12 Lick Their Lips
13 Dangling Their Feet
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