Best Shadow of the Colossus Songs

The Top Ten Best Shadow of the Colossus Songs

1 A Despair Filled Farewell

This is the best track; it holds the most climactic melody and fierce and immediate impact paralleled by Avion's sudden forceful attack! Personally, the Avion battle is the best and has the most compelling music which is why Avion is my favorite colossus. The other tracks have some ups and downs and somewhat dreary at times but this one is a climax battle theme from start to finish and has the most memorable tune! - PrinceZarbon

2 The Opened Way

The best battle song ever

3 A Messenger From Behind
4 Demise of the Ritual
5 Counterattack
6 Gatekeeper of the Castle Ruins
7 A Violent Encounter

This is the best song in the whole game. BEST GAME EVER! THANKS TO Japan!

8 Creeping Shadow

This one has an eeriness to it that I just love.

9 Liberated Guardian
10 Silence

The Contenders

11 In Awe of the Power
12 Swift Horse

Really, the only triumphant song on the soundtrack. Appropriate, as Agro is the real hero in this game. This piece of music is AWESOME.

13 The End of the Battle
14 Those Who Remain
15 5th Colossus Combat Song

The music that plays when you grab onto Avion.

It's called Despair filled farewell it's already listed at first place on this list; it's the best track so this is a duplicate. - PrinceZarbon

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