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1 Staff of Night

It is expensive but good

Can only beat the punching bag

Honestly I think that this weapon should NOT be used on Titan and the Composite Sword should because I think it's a little OP!

The composite sword is way better then this garbage weapon.

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2 Dadao



Two handed weapon shogun uses this weapon capable to defeat shogun - 1tangjam

Its cool

3 Trident

The best spear after Magari Yari

Unique Yari variant with new moves capable to defeat shogun - 1tangjam

Easiest weapon to win, just spam attacks with it
I won several impossibles easilly with it

4 Composite Sword

Endless range and damage.


"Grim Scythe" is actually the strongest weapon in the game. "Devastator", "Dadao", "2 handed Mace"... are other strong weapons. But these are very slow and really difficult to handle.

Overall "Composite Sword" and "Blood Reaper"(Kusarigama) are the best.
"Lynx Claws" are also really powerful.

By fighting with all kinds of weapon against Titan, I found that "Sickles" are best against Titan.

Really good

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5 Meteorite Knives

Knife variant capable to defeat shogun - 1tangjam

6 Battle Hammers

One of my favourite move sets in the game


Batons statistical and cosmetic variation not capable to defeat shogun but can defeat people that are the same level as wasp or lower - 1tangjam

Best weapon. I defeated all the bosses in replay using them

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7 Blood Reaper

Awesome weapon I am still using at present 33rd level there will be less chance for the opponent to survive

How to bet blood reaper

It is the best because of many combos it can do.


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8 Emerald Cutters

Unique weapon similar to widow's fans capable to defeat shogun - 1tangjam

9 Ceremonial Shuang Gou

Fast and a great variety of action ranges

Shuang Gou variant capable to defeat shogun - 1tangjam

This weapon is pretty good

Has always been my favorite weapon because it’s very easy to score head hits and has decent range.

10 Golden Katana

It is so good because it can reach anywhere just like the yari.

Just beast.

Is the amazing weapon

A sword type weapon that is extemly powerful. Unlocked at level 21 after defeating the 2nd bodyguard of wasp. not capable to defeat shogun - 1tangjam

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11 Kusarigama

It is made for spamming.

Cool weapon.I have lifesteal in it.Best weapon in the game except for composite sword.


I never purchased any of those new weapons after I got these only time I changed was for titan (used claw). Kusarigama can also be used on titan its just close range weapons work little better with titan

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12 Titan Sword

Titan sword act 1

Cool sword $$$


How to get titan it is not win in eclipse

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13 Two Handed Mace

Its such a slow and weak weapon. I lost many fights with this

Two handed weapon not capable to defeat shogun - 1tangjam

From act 3 to act 7 and in raids with avg damage of 700 I love this weapon.

14 Moon Sabres

Can defeat all the bosses.

Fast, strong, best melee weapon

Best weapon for all bosses. Except Titan

The best weapon there is. Defeated all demons and titan as well. Awesome weapon

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15 Tonfas

The low slash has decent range and the upper slash will close the gap between you and your target. While the forward and basic slashes devastate at close range with continuous and rapid strikes!

I use them in raids

Easy to use, capable of continuously hitting the enemy 11 times whiling causing 3 head hits if used well. Enchant it to make its *that* much better. The one weapon I used till now since I got it.

So easy to use! Takes no getting used to. Best weapon in my opinion because I am terrible with two handed weapons

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16 Ornamental Sabers

The 5 hit combo is a killer.

Amazing weapon

Awesome frenzy strike!

Best weapon very useful in Underworld raids and mostly
Hot ground rule

17 Lynx's Claws

Till how long can I use lynx claws in the game..I unlocked it in level many times will I have to upgrade it to use it for long?

I defeated Hermit at an impossible difficulty level using Lynx's Claws. It's enchantment is awesome.

If you get them the even the most impossible levels become easy. Cool enchantment too.

Awesome weapon

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18 Steel Nunchaku

It is the best weapon to defeat hermit.

I used it to defeat hermit

It’s the best, nunchaku is the BEST! Bruce Lee also used it! Or do you think Bruce Lee is WEAK? He is the best, not joking!

It's the best weapon to defeat all the acts

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19 Pneumo Fists

Very awesome

Should be on the top ten.Why is the staff of night on top? It's just a staff +time bomb.


It's actually the best weapon for raid now. You can do around 1000~2000 damages with the Pneumo Fists, so I highly recommend this weapon.

20 Rifle
21 Grim Scythe

The best weapon as its range includes what is behind. Hands down amazing if you know how to rotate between kicks and weapon use.

The best

Probably the best weapon in the game. It's the only weapon that can hit enemies from behind and hit them while they are still on the ground(good for critical hit combos)

Cool and a devastating weapon with an ultimate enchantment

22 Sapphire Fang

Great medium ranged weapon, balanced assault and defense

Humm it is good very good

Light and dangarous weapon

23 Monks Qatars

The most powerful weapon!

So troll, don't let you opponent have a chance

They are just epic

Actually its monk's katars

24 Yari

Enemy cannot touch me, but it is not so effective for Titan.

Totally OP and has long range

Too log range..enemy can’t even come near u..

25 Imhotep Pounders

This is the best

Best weapon.i defeated everyone with this

Very powerful.

Its cool

26 Lynx Claws

Very great weapons. I used lynx claws and won wasp with 3 perfects

27 Shogon Kitanas

Best weapon in shadow fight 2 and has the capability to defeat shogun

It has very good attack power and its enchantment makes it a cool wepeon

How it can 29th it is the best weapon ever had in shadow fight 2

28 Hermit's Swords

Probably the best boss weapon ever with titans sword, lynx ckaws and shogun katanas

It's great. U can rock any kind of survival with it

Amazing with good range and damage

29 Widow's Fans

Guys, I enchanted it with weakness and it is pro

Though I think Reaver is the best weapon because if somebody is attacking one punch with Reaver could stop the attack.

Cool right

30 Cobra's Teeth

Awesome weapon

31 Flame Clubs

Awesome with that flames coming out of everywhere

Capable to defeat all the bosses + Titan
- how can no one added this

32 Inferno Bounders

Use it to defeat TITAN

33 Fretsaw

It's a cool kind of Glaive and looks kind of stylish!

Used this for tournament and challenge

34 Katana

Best samurai weapon

Rose uses it, rose gives you it, rose is sexy, that alone makes it amazing. plus the long range and the right double strike is insanely long ranged, good for consecutive hits and can easily get head and critical hits

35 Blaster Tonfas

It is garbage trash

36 Daisho

This is the best weapon ever, why is it at 28th spot

Its special because have 2 enchantment

37 Mowers

It's the best one.. try it. I promise you

It is a speed weapon. As the enemy close it enchants a double critical hit. It is bad a sass

The mowers are amazing! I love them so much. you really need to rely on how far or close the opponent is though... even though every weapon is like that, just a warning... finger licking good...

38 Magari Yari

Best attak ever!

39 Thunder Hammers

It is good in survival

40 Knives

There ligit

41 Swords

Best weapon ever. I beat shark on impossible with them. I also beat many impossible and insane tournaments with them. They go well with bloodrage or overheat or frenzy.

Oh the swords, these 2 babies you get at the first stages of the game.

Efficient at any kind of range.
Aesthetic as f.

I am about to finish the game with them X simple receipe.

42 Pencakar
43 Heavy Staff

For Long Range

44 Daggers
45 Devastator

It is a heavy weapon but if you strike enemy with this weapon he will die the half

46 Keen Katana

So.. Cool!

47 Staff

Nice super slash animation

48 Nunchaku

Lots of damage beat lynx in only 5 hits especially trickster nunchaks

49 Butchers Knives

This deals high damage great against challenges and shogun. Using this I won wasp perfectly 3 times. and plus I also won 10 impossible tournaments using this.

50 Terax
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