Top Ten Best Shadow Fight 2 Weapons


The Top Ten

1 Staff of Night

Cosmetic and statistical Staff variation, costing gems. capable to defeat shogun - 1tangjam

Awesome weapon

2 Dadao

Two handed weapon shogun uses this weapon capable to defeat shogun - 1tangjam

3 Trident V 2 Comments
4 Composite Sword

One of the most power full weapons in the game. Best for mid to long range. Should not be used for Titan. Good for challenges as it is quick and does not give your opponent a chance

This is the best weapon I have ever seen. It has an awesome enchantment and is capable of defeating the gates of shadows and Titan.

It is the best of all weapons and it is a legend weapon. But I think the Cobras teeth better than that because of its arrow

Composite sword is best... I used it to defeat Titan in eclipse

V 9 Comments
5 Blood Reaper

OverPowered Ranged Weapon For Province 1-3


It I amazing


V 1 Comment
6 Meteorite Knives

Knife variant capable to defeat shogun - 1tangjam

7 Battle Hammers

Batons statistical and cosmetic variation not capable to defeat shogun but can defeat people that are the same level as wasp or lower - 1tangjam

Best weapon. I defeated all the bosses in replay using them

Battle hammers are the best weapon in game

Awesome weapon just like the great Imhotep pounders this weapons are good looking and very Swift.

V 1 Comment
8 Emerald Cutters

Unique weapon similar to widow's fans capable to defeat shogun - 1tangjam

9 Ceremonial Shuang Gou

Shuang Gou variant capable to defeat shogun - 1tangjam

This weapon is pretty good

10 Kusarigama

Kusarigama-type weapons can score head hits easily, and from a distance. The opponent can't even get close to you. It's also the most badass weapon.

The Newcomers

? Inferno Bounders

Use it to defeat TITAN

? Widow's Fans

The Contenders

11 Golden Katana

Is the amazing weapon

A sword type weapon that is extemly powerful. Unlocked at level 21 after defeating the 2nd bodyguard of wasp. not capable to defeat shogun - 1tangjam

Best of the bests

12 Ornamental Sabers

Amazing weapon

13 Two Handed Mace

Two handed weapon not capable to defeat shogun - 1tangjam

Its such a slow and weak weapon. I lost many fights with this

14 Tonfas

Easy to use, capable of continuously hitting the enemy 11 times whiling causing 3 head hits if used well. Enchant it to make its *that* much better. The one weapon I used till now since I got it.

So easy to use! Takes no getting used to. Best weapon in my opinion because I am terrible with two handed weapons

15 Sapphire Fang V 1 Comment
16 Moon Sabres

Cosmetic and statistical sword variation. not capable to defeat shogun - 1tangjam

17 Titan Sword


18 Fretsaw
19 Rifle
20 Grim Scythe

Cool and a devastating weapon with an ultimate enchantment

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