Top Ten Best Shadow Fight 2 Weapons


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21 Steel Nunchaku

I used it to defeat hermit

It's the best weapon to defeat all the acts

It has the most no. of strikes

22 Rifle
23 Hermit's Swords

It's great. U can rock any kind of survival with it

Amazing with good range and damage

24 Yari

Totally OP and has long range

25 Daisho

Its special because have 2 enchantment

26 Imhotep Pounders

Very powerful.

Its cool

27 Lynx's Claws

Best weapon ever for pretty much everything

28 Monks Qatars

They are just epic

Actually its monk's katars

29 Pneumo Fists
30 Flame Clubs V 1 Comment
31 Shogon Kitanas

How it can 29th it is the best weapon ever had in shadow fight 2

32 Nunchaku
33 Lynx Claws

Very great weapons. I used lynx claws and won wasp with 3 perfects

34 Widow's Fans
35 Keen Katana

So.. Cool!

36 Staff V 1 Comment
37 Mowers

It is a speed weapon. As the enemy close it enchants a double critical hit. It is bad a sass

38 Magari Yari

Best attak ever!

39 Inferno Bounders

Use it to defeat TITAN

40 Blaster Tonfas
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