Best Shadowhunters Characters

This is just a list where you guys can put your opinions at. I didn't see one of these lists, so I thought 'Why not make one?'

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1 Alec Lightwood Alec Lightwood

Alec is my favourite, he's loyal, and he grows as a character really well.

Favourite. Just favourite

I just love him! He's perfect

He is just an amazing character, always caring and put other over himself. I love how he cares for his family, and then his development when he chosed love and happiness. ^^
Moreover, he is a great warrior and I love his arrow skills and at last he is so hot dam it.

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2 Magnus Bane Magnus Bane

God, Magnus is such an amazing character, he's cool, he's got the looks, and he kinda knows how things work. I loved him in every book.

I love Magnus very much even more with Malec. His character is just so loveable. He pulls of this wise yet child like vibe and he's one of the reasons why I watch the show. His character is impossible to hate

High Warlock of Brooklyn, guys.

Harry Shum Jr. does a great job portraying him and what the character kind of goes through. His emotions are solid yet blended well and his character alone has a great mystery to him. 😊

3 Isabelle Lightwood Isabelle Lightwood

Isabelle is an amazing character, shes strong, independent and Emeraude portrays Isabelle gracefully. Such a queen bee

4 Simon Lewis Simon Lewis

Simon and Alec are tied for #1 in my mind. I love them both

Simon, Raphael, Magnus, and Izzy are tied for Number 1

Sorry, but I really don't like simon - pjo

Is sooo amazing!

5 Raphael Santiago Raphael Santiago
6 Maia Roberts
7 Jace Wayland Jace Wayland

Well, honestly there isn't much to say about this guy. I just don't like him! There isn't much development to him and the character isn't that great. Plus Dominic Sherwood doesn't do that great of a job. - Ary33

He's amazing! I think he's a very interesting character.

I love his character in the books... can't stand his character in the series.

8 Clary Fray Clary Fray
9 Valentine Morgenstern Valentine Morgenstern

Valentine isn't my favorite character, but the actor manages to make Valentine evil and deceiving, yet surprisingly likeable in the alternate universe. I love how he's portrayed.

10 Luke Garroway Luke Garroway

The Contenders

11 Jocelyn Fray

Really good character

12 Camille Belcourt
13 Jem Carstairs
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1. Isabelle Lightwood
2. Maia Roberts
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1. Simon Lewis
2. Alec Lightwood
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1. Isabelle Lightwood
2. Maia Roberts
3. Alec Lightwood

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