Top Ten Best Shahin Najafi Songs

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1 Ranandegi Dar Masti

This is indubitably Shahin's best song...
You just don't get tired listening to it..
Great Lyrics... Beautiful Music... Superb Voice.
One of the most memorable Persian song -_-

Love me shahin najafi

Spell binder

very good - m14_oficiall_page

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2 Ingooneh

Ingooneh is the best song of sh-n. - danimj

Ingooneh is very gooĆ²d

Ingooneh bi to bbin...


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3 Ninoush

This Music for his mom...I love that..

This one has to be the one! :(

B jane to banoo...

4 Nagahan
5 Nagoftamat Naro
6 Istadeh Mordan
7 Hamoon
8 Zendegie Sagi Ma

The best track shahin najafi

9 Too Halgham
10 Period

The Contenders

11 Sale Khoon
12 Chiz

To Ham Age Vote Nadi Periodi

13 Mahramaneh
14 Sarina
15 BBC

very good

Dear BBC, a wolf in sheep mask!

16 Naghi
17 Marge Nazli

Whenever I listen to this song, my tears fall uncalled for.

His best song. Based on a famous poem by Shamlou the great Iranian poet.

18 Enkar
19 Motenaferam
20 Hamjens
21 Man Ye Dardam
22 Tarafe Ma

Tarafe maa margam tavon dare

23 Vaghti Ke
24 Salam
25 Neda
26 Koshte Maro
27 Doctor
28 Party Siasi
29 Aghoosh
30 Sade

Best Song Of Shahin

31 Tramadol
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