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1 GeCe (Gunther/CeCe)

They had four episodes to themselves and Gunther was confirmed to be in love with CeCe. They were also boyfriend and girlfriend for one episode.

Beautiful couple! I remember the episode (reality it up) where the two are rumored couples and are in love. Cece denies it but gunther thinks she really does.

I think they are cute together - dragonfly99

Gunther and CeCe sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

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2 Tynka (Ty/Tinka)

They end up getting married I the future episode

Great together. Even get married in the future

Oh meh cheese! They are so CUTE together!

3 Reuce (Rocky/Deuce)

I thought that would've been cute

4 Rogan (Rocky/Logan)

They are a cute couple and you could even tell sight up that they love each other

I feel they r reli cute together and the fact that in the future episode cece and logan got married is veri stupid that's why I now hat shake it up and can never watch it again till I see that logan and rocky are together

5 DeCe (Deuce/CeCe)


6 Cy (CeCe/Ty)

They would look so good together that even I would become jealous and something like tis really needs to happen to spice shake it up a bit because right now it's becoming boring.

I don't know why but I think they'd be a really cute couple together!

Ce ce is good person and her dance moves so good with your best friend called Rocky and she good friend to ce ce and they are best friends never

7 Runther (Rocky/Gunther)
8 Deucina (Deuce/Dina)

Deuce is so hot I would date him any day. - DarkAngelxox

They are good together and they understand each other.

He ugly and so dumb short and has a uni brow

Because Deuce and Dina were the best and cutest couple ever on shake it up ever they really ttruly brought the best in each other

9 Cogan (CeCe/Logan)

Absolutely positively adorable! I hope they use them in the show before it ends. Best.Couple.Ever RedZam

They get married. Cute but EW!

10 Deuka (Deuce/Tinka)

super cute

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