Top Ten Shantae Characters That Should Have Their Own Game

The Top Ten

1 Rottytops

There's a lot of potential for a game with Rottytops! There can be a game focusing on her backstory and how she became a zombie along with her brothers. Also, there could be a game with Rottytops trying to be a hero like Shantae.

Also, imagine how much abilities she'd have being a zombie. She could dig under ground and pop out to frighten her foes, she could bite her enemies and turn them into zombie minions, there could be a cool mechanic where she swap between her zombie form and her human spirit and maybe she could find powerups from graves.

2 Risky Boots
3 Sky
4 Shantae's mother

It would make an awesome prequel.

5 Twitch

Let's face it. I HAD to put these two on the list.

6 Bolo

I'd personally like to see how a game starring Bolo as the main character would turn out. Seeing how he's a Martial Artist, his story line could be where he's competing with others in a competition or training others. And since he's always trying to be a hero, his story line could be him learning the responsibility of actually being a hero and that it's not as easy as it seems. His grandmother could also be added and the game could be focused on their relationship.

His abilities could involve his martial art skills and could be more weapon based then Shantae's. He could also have super strength which he could use to defeat foes and lift up heavy objects.

7 Squid Baron

He's just such a funny character!

8 The Pirate Master

It could be a really dark take on the Shantae series.

9 Sky's Mother
10 Mimic
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