Top 10 Best Shapes For a Gemstone


The Top Ten

1 Football-shaped / Marquise / Navette Cut Football-shaped / Marquise / Navette Cut

It looks like the ball used in football (football, not soccer). This shape is one of the cuts that reflects the most light and offers maximum sparkle and color.

Its elongated shape flatters the finger, making it appear longer and slimmer.
It usually has 57 facets (that's a lot though not the most facets). Another important factor (and challenge) in crafting this shape is the perfect symmetry.
It was named for Marquise de Pompadour because King Louis XIV of France commissioned a diamond with this shape for her. - Metal_Treasure

2 Pear-shaped / Tear-shaped / Drop-shaped Pear-shaped / Tear-shaped / Drop-shaped

It usually has 71 facets that reflect light beautifully and allow color to showcase dramatically. A great choice for earrings, pendants and rings (and a set).
The image shows a Green Diamond. - Metal_Treasure

3 Round-shaped Round-shaped

It's the most popular shape.
The image shows Tanzanite with a "round brilliant" cut - brilliant cut version is used to maximize the light reflection, sparkle and color.

Round brilliant version usually has 57 facets. - Metal_Treasure

4 Trillion / Trilliant Trillion / Trilliant

This shape has from 31 to 43 sparkly facets.
The image shows Morganite aka Pink Beryl - Metal_Treasure

5 Heart-shaped Heart-shaped

Ladies would love it, at least the romantic and sentimental types.
This shape usually has 59 facets.
The image shows one of the world's most famous individual gemstones - The Heart of Eternity Diamond. - Metal_Treasure

This is absolutely beautiful! And the colour is mesmerising. - Britgirl

6 Square-shaped Square-shaped

The image shows Emerald - Metal_Treasure

7 Cushion-shaped Cushion-shaped

It has gently rounded corners, making it look like a cushion. It needs approximately 64 facets.

The image shows Alexandrite - Metal_Treasure

8 Octagon-shaped Octagon-shaped

It has 8 sides and the usual number of facets in an octagon-shaped cut is 53. Octagon-shaped gems can be "more rectangular" or "more square".
The image shows a Red Diamond - the rarest diamond. - Metal_Treasure

9 Oval-shaped Oval-shaped

The image shows an unfaceted White Star Sapphire. When faceted, oval gems usually have 69 facets.
Gems can be faceted or not. Facets wouldn't work for the star sapphire because you are not gonna see the star very well. - Metal_Treasure

10 Rectangular Rectangular

The image shows Painite, the rarest gem in the world. - Metal_Treasure

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