Best Shara Nelson Songs


The Top Ten

1 Down That Road

One of the best songs of all time no doubt

This is the most succesful Shara Nelson song and it deserves the number 1 possition and not One Goodbye in Ten

┬┐How this song's not first? it deserves, come on!

This is one of my favorite classic tracks of all time. it's brilliant.

2 One Goodbye in Ten
3 Rough with the Smooth

This song should be number 1

This song drives the way so smoothly

One of the best songs I've heard in the whole centurys of my life.

4 Uptight
5 Nobody
6 Thoughts of You
7 I Fell (So You Could Catch Me)
8 Between the Lines

This is a pretty decent song, it has to be number 2 at least... - Q-ube

9 Footprint

This song's so motivating.

10 How Close
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