Best Shara Nelson Songs

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1 Down That Road Down That Road Cover Art

Very breatless song, I want this song to keept it at number 1 since it's a really haungtihly smooth song which it includes really awesome Mixed bass between R&b and Semi-country music too.

One of the best songs of all time no doubt

┬┐How this song's not first? it deserves, come on!

This is one of my favorite classic tracks of all time. it's brilliant.

2 One Goodbye in Ten One Goodbye in Ten Cover Art

This song really put me in tears every time I listen it. U maybe clocked this song because ain't so resoning even in the U..s. Radio! I would be grateful to known about more songs like this since its lyrics really inspires me real life...

This song it's just first to me.
I love it with all my blood.
Shara Nelson really did a great job on this one, it's simply on of my top 10 favorite songs of all time because its awesomeness.

Shara is the Nelson of music, this song proves it.

Why do people are givin' votes to 'Rought With the smoot' ? that song sucks! ::this song gotta' be higher than that one. come on!

3 Rough with the Smooth Rough with the Smooth Cover Art

This song is more than awesome, I think this song should be the greatest Shara Nelson song ever since I never found it good since it's a masterpiece in my opinion and the lyrics and beat are everything just perfect to me!

This song is so damnly catchy as you couldn't imagine it, even my mother loves this song since we meet it in my brother's school during an important event on it (sorry but I cannot say which was exactly; The Event)

People don't love this song because it's great.

One of the best songs I've heard in the whole centurys of my life.

4 Uptight Uptight Cover Art

this song so damn good, be it 1st.$

5 Nobody Nobody Cover Art
6 Between the Lines Between the Lines Cover Art

I wouldn't put this song so low since it's by far one of the most underrated songs by a ex-Massive Attack member in... And then y'all should know this is a cool song and it needs more votes!

This is a pretty decent song, it has to be number 2 at least...

one of her greatest songs ever such a good

7 Thoughts of You Thoughts of You Cover Art
8 I Fell (So You Could Catch Me) I Fell (So You Could Catch Me) Cover Art

I Fell this song falling over my veins! Also the despite, the overloading, the everything on it! ...Just... Ut... All makes a lot of sense to speak a truth becomed into a middle green light. #SharaNelsonIsTheBest

9 Footprint Footprint Cover Art

What a cool song, not the best ... but probably one of her most famous songs to dance

This song's so motivating.

I would like to see this song ranked higher than ''Between the Lines''

10 How Close How Close Cover Art
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