Top Ten Shaved Ice Flavors

We all like shave ice. Here are the top ten flavors you should probably choose for your next shave ice.

The Top Ten

1 Bahama Mama

Bahama Mamaa - wren6

2 Pina Colada

Imagine sitting under the shades on a warm sunny beach and drinking this. I KNOW. - wren6

3 Blue Raspberry

Try adding actual blueberries to this. Just to make sure to get nutrients while enjoying ice. - wren6

4 Root Beer
5 Coke
6 Cotton Candy
7 Hawaiian Punch
8 Tiger's Blood
9 Watermelon
10 Pink Bubblegum

The Contenders

11 Birthday Cake
12 Cheesecake
13 Passion Fruit
14 Mango
15 Lemon Lime
16 Banana
17 Orange
18 Blue Hawaiian
19 Black Cherry
20 Grape
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