Best She-Ra And The Princess Of Power Characters

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1 Catra

She is so cool

2 She-Ra

I think SHe-Ra is the best character and catra should be LAST Because shes so mean and she hurts so many feelings of the characters of the story

She-Ra is actually a good main character. Not many main characters have great character-developpment, but She-Ra does. She´s kind and loyal to her friends and did what was right for good. She misses her old friends still deep inside, but she did what was right in the end, and that's what stood out to me. She made a sacrifice to leave her home, the one place where she had people she new to protect her real people and the world itself.
I love She-Ra, she is an amazing character that really stood out to me.

She has the power! - girlcool

3 Hordak

Hordak is an interesting character with a twisted backstory. I find this character not as evil as he seems, its more of Catra as the villan, not Hordak. He was honestly just trying to prove his Master wrong about him. I do not hate him compared to how much I despise Catra [Oh boy, I hate Catra. She hurt so many character´s and she really manipulates and tricks them which is painful to watch to the point I want to actually slaughter her with a god-damn knife 1 billion times] BUt lets not focus on Catra, shall we? I like Hordak and he's not all bad to what the shows him as.

4 Bow
5 Horde Prime
6 Glimmer
7 Queen Angella
8 Scorpia
9 Shadow Weaver

Shadow Weaver was a good character, and I liked her. Not much at the start, but she had some good character-development and her story is pretty interesting. I like her personality and how she helped Adora with what she needed to do, and most of all to raise her.

10 Entrapta

This strange intriguing character has won title of my favorite character. The sweet passion she has for science is amazing and her bubbly personality always lightens the mood. I love her a lot, and her kindness to others shows how it always tops everything.

She is the best

Why is she so low?I love this princess!

The Contenders

11 Mermista
12 Kyle
13 Sea Hawk
14 Swift Wind
15 King Micah
16 Double Trouble
17 Perfuma
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