Top Ten Sherlock Holmes Villains

The Top Ten

1 James Moriarty

I'm glad to see that people can recognise that Moriarty isn't the only good Sherlock Holmes villain. HOWEVER, he is certainly the best and therefor should be in number one.

James Moriarty... The ultimate creep and criminal mastermind.

Not my favorite, but at number 6?! I'm voting.


2 Jephro Rucastle
3 Irene Adler

Love her! She was so interesting.

4 Mr. Woodley
5 Jonas Oldacre
6 James Windibank
7 Dr. Grimsby Roylott
8 John Clay
9 Sebastian Moran
10 Baron Adelbert Gruner

The Contenders

11 Charles Augustus Milverton

Holmes hates him so I hate him (also he's horrible)

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