Best SHINee Concepts

Whether you like the cute Hello look or the futuristic Lucifer look, SHINee has had a concept that appeals to all. Which is your favourite?

The Top Ten Best SHINee Concepts

1 Ring Ding Dong

I really like the colour scheme going on here (red, white and black. ) Plus, have you seen Minho's hair. It's so cute when it is all shaggy like. - Minho-ssi

2 Lucifer

The futuristic style going on here is particularly effective, it matches the boys' surroundings perfectly and does wonders on making them look extremely sexy. - Minho-ssi

3 Hello

You can't deny it- SHINee is just too cute in Hello. With giant teddy bears and flowers, the romantic look is achieved easily. - Minho-ssi


The vaguely casual style is really appealing on the members and their hair styles are just perfect. - Minho-ssi

5 Boys Meet U (Japanese)

The beach look suits SHINee surprisingly well. At first I had my doubts- they kind of looked like wannabe Directioners but after a while the concept grew on me and now make the boys look youthful and adorable. - Minho-ssi

A sweet song of SHINee^^ - Kolour

6 Dream Girl

Although the Dream Girl style is strange and quirky, SHINee pulls off the look with ease - Minho-ssi

7 Everybody

The military uniforms have SHINee looking pretty serious yet the slight alterations and added decorations help to balance out the mix of sexily serious and cutely crazy. However I do like the shirtless Taemin that appeared on my computer screen. - Minho-ssi

They just look so amazing, I love the whole toy solder concept.

8 Juliette

The pastel colours help to parade the members slim legs and muscular arms. The look is fun and irresistibly amazing. - Minho-ssi

9 Colourful

The concept seems so free and showed more of SHINee's beautiful personalities

Again with the pastels. They do look good but fhe thick wolly jumpers just don't exactly display SHINEE's beautiful bodies. - Minho-ssi

10 View

Jonghyun wrote this and its got amazing choreography :) This song is catchy and you can listen to it a lot and never get sick of it!

To me the song is very refreshing. It is nice to hear and I'm proud of them

The Contenders

11 Married to the Music

Unique MV and it shows a fun/quirky side to Shinee, fun dance and the style is amazing.

12 Why So Serious

While I love the military uniforms that appear near the end (different to the ones in Everybody) the white outfits make SHINee look like they are in a mental asylum. Not an attractive look. - Minho-ssi

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