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1 Taemin Taemin

No one introduced me to Taemin but when I saw him in Trap, I wanted to know more about him. I found shinee, comedies, and movies. I knew he was the one at first sight. I'm never changing my mind. So cute, hot, and talented. Can't get any better than that. And trust me I don't like many boys.

Nice to meet you

He is the best of Kpop world

Taemin is the best.

2 Onew Onew

Hi I'm Rita. This is my 1st time voting for a Korean band member. Never heard of you guys b4 but after I read everything about you guys I think you guys r really cool. By the way I'm not Korean I'm an international student ( From Afghanistan)

I'm so glad Onew is number 1!

3 Jonghyun Jonghyun

Nice to meet you

Well...i can't really choose who's the best member. they are all amazing! T.T
'one does not simply: pick one of SHINee members'

4 Minho

Nice to meet you

I ❤ you Minho poppa..

5 Key

Nice to meet you as well. I always watch Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese movies and dramas with eng subs

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