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1 Ereri

I love how their relationship developed from when they first met (in the dungeon.) Eren's thoughts on Levi never changed, even when he found out what he was really like (cleanfreak) and I found the times when Levi stuck up for Eren ( like the ine he picked up the spoon and the entire squad thought he turnt his back against them) and the times he saved him (like when he got kidnapped by the female titan) really sweet. Also they can relate to eachother, Levi being humanities strongest and Eren being humanities last hope. Both are expected to do so much, but it's not that easy. I'd like to think that they talk about this with eachother and kinda relate to one another, you know? And maybe Eren can bring some happiness into Levi's life. - MitziiztiM

...i respect your opinion, but I'd rather have them as bros...(shudder)

2 Ereannie

I just find them cure together. - MitziiztiM

I just find them cute together. - MitziiztiM

EreAnnie is a million times better than EreMika. - Tia-Harribel

3 Erehanji

Just a crack pairing. - MitziiztiM

4 Eretra

Same thing, just cute. - MitziiztiM

Kinda Cute!

5 Eren√óMikasa

This is canon!

Why wasn't this even in the list

6 Mikasa x Annie
7 Jean x Marco
8 Eren x Armin

This ship is almost canon in the manga. How can it be so underrated. Everyone speak only about Eremika or Ereri - the ships which will definitely never sail and they got no space in the story. Every person who reads the manga and isn't blind enough can clearly see that Eren and Armin share deep bonds. When Armin was close to death Eren was doing everything to save him and was very emotional when Armin was revived. I cannot imagine him reacting the same way if Mikasa/Levi was injured.
They even shared a strong, emotional hug after saving Armin's life and Armin blushed.

9 Levisa

They both best. Both Strong,fast And clever.

10 AruMika

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11 YumiKuri
12 EruHan
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1. Ereri
2. Ereannie
3. Eretra
1. Ereri
2. Mikasa x Annie
3. Jean x Marco


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